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Ok, that's it!

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We have a lovely 8 seater dining table less than a year old with nice leather chairs. We don't generally care about material possessions, but we love our dining set.

The cats have been playing on it too much, and Lily Just climbed up on a chair, and Stumpy attacked her, so Lily lost her balance. Needless to say, Lily's claws went straight down the leather chairs and left big scratch marks!!!!!

I'm ordering soft paws right now, and I don't care how long it takes me, but those rascals are going to wear them!!!!!!!

Anyone know how to fix scratched leather?
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LOL ...... mine did very bad things to my leather furniture and non leather furniture, as well ..... Im not sure how to repair but I do know you can. Do a google search and Im sure you will find something ......
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Depending on the type of leather, you may be able to polish it, working the polish into the scratch to color it. One can also simply draw in the scratch with a matching permanent marker. (I've done this with black leather, I don't know how well it would work with another color.) You won't "repair" it, you'll just make the scratch less obvious.
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I've seen some stuff for leather jackets but I'm sure it would work for a couch also. I can't remember what it's called anymore but it's a paste like substance that you spread in the scratch. The kit comes with some texture pads, you pick the one that matches your leather finish and just push it down onto the repair. it looks and feels just like leather and does a remarkable job of hiding scratches. You can even repair rips with the same kits.
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What about the lampshade she just riipped
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
What about the lampshade she just riipped
Phew! Managed to get a replacement lampshade from Ikea - that style is being discontinued, so it only cost me $2! Maybe I should have gotten 2...

I also got a product called "No Scratch" from Pet Club, so hopefully that will help.
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Glad u could replace it ..... sounds like your kitty sure is having fun over there Did you find anything out about your leather chairs ?
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It sounds like your cats need to have their nails cut if they are still able to rip and tear things. Don't just cut the front one, but do the back ones as well. Many people only clip the very tip of the nail out of fear of cutting the quick of the nail. Have a professional groomer come in and cut the nails. They'll get them short enough so that your kitties can't destroy anything.
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I used a nail file to "flatten" the scratches, and they look much better just from that. Definitely not as noticeable. I need to get some leather conditioner or something like that, and that will apparently help.

Problem is that I really can't do colour matching, because the chairs are a beige-camely colour, and if I don't match it perfectly it will look horrible. So I'll get a clear colour that will hopefully help it look less obvious again, and Soft Paw the cats, and spray the No Scratch and we should all be good.

I never thought of training the kitten to not use her claws when playing, and to stay off certain things. I'm going to go around tomorrow and spray everything she could potentially damage, so that should help her learn what she can and can't play on!
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I can empathize with you. My Mom's two cats have clawed up everything in her house. All the furniture (including antiques) and even the doors and windows. They have clawed up the carpets to shreds also.

I don't know what I am going to do when it comes time to sell this house. The door frames are soooo scratched that a little paint isn't going to clear this up.
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