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Please cheer me up!!!!

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Hello to everyone! I just need you all to make me feel better. Nippie has been having problems going to the bathroom lately. Me being a good Mommy, I waited a few days to see if it would correct itself. It didn't so I called the vet. Well now my fiance is mad because He says that I'm wasting my money. I disagree! I have my own job and my own money... Nippie is my love, why would I let something go untreated. He has never had this problem before so I feel that I'm doing the right thing. I wouldn't let my fiance suffer if he had trouble going to the bathroom... I just need cheering up.
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Hi NippiesMommy!
Has Nippie been having problems peeing or pooping? Whatever it is, I am sure he will be ok! You did the right thing by calling the vet, and that shows you are a great mom to Nippie! I think it's horrible that your fiancee thinks you are wasting your money Anways, I hope Nippie will be ok! He has a cute name! What does he look like? Age? Favorite Toys?
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good for you for takeing your cat to the vet and no you are not wasting your money you take good care of your cat and give your cat my love from me and my cat angel.
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I wish I knew what to say to cheer you up but I think the one thing that will do this for you will be when Nippie feels much better and cuddles up to you and whispers her own little "Thank you". That, in itself will be worth the money spent. Thankfully, you have chosen to have the vet take a look at him because, you just never know what it may be that's causing the problem and unless your fiance has a vet degree, he shouldn't be questioning your decision. Some people just don't believe in "wasting" money on pets, that's just a fact of life and there probably won't be much you can say to convince him otherwise. For him to be mad is kind of childish. He should realise that Nippie means alot to you and not put added stress on you by making you feel guilty about doing the right thing.

Congrats. I think you have made the right choice. Money can be made and replaced....health cannot.

Chin up and smile.......Nippie is proud of his mommy!!!!
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you did the right thing. There are nasty infections cats can get if their waste is piling up inside of their bodies. I hope the vet can help you clear this up for Nip's sake. If you have some canned pumpkin, you can try him with a spoonful of it to see if he will eat it, and that might help him. But it could be that Nip is going to the bathroom just not where you want him to. You could have a souvenir tucked in a corner or under the couch or under the bed. Let us know what the vet says okay?
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You are definitely doing the right thing, and I'm glad you are able to make your own decisions.
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You did the right thing. If he needed to go to the doctor, I bet Nippie wouldn't object. lol It's never a waste of money to get help for someone you love, human or feline. I hope he is ok. We would love to hear more about Nippie. We beg shamelessly for pics to coo over.
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I've spent a great deal of money, over the years, on plugged-up cats. Two had urinary blockages and Peanut got horribly constipated when he got old. It was money well spent.

You might want to reconsider a man who thinks vet care is a "waste of money".
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You definately did the right thing. Just tell your fiance that if you take such good care of your cat, just wait to see what a great mom you'll be!

To me, my cats are my kids and I treat them as such!
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You are doing the right thing!!!!!! My hubby feels the same way alot of the time, he makes comments on how I need to take on a second job just to support my cats, and he was showing me a trick one day with a 20 dollar bill, and I told him that was pretty neat, and could I borrow the 20 to show my friends, because I never have any cash on me and he waves it in front of my face and says "This is what people who don't have 100 dogs and cats have" Very funny. I don't have 100 dogs and cats.

I hope everything will be okay with your cat...please keep us posted!!!
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Men, always grump and growl, about the pets but, when one gets sick or dies, THEY'RE the ones who worry the most.
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My husband isnt like that! When something is wrong, he usually suggests me to make an appointment! Sir Gizmo has itchy ears, so he goes tomorrow morning.... oh, and he is also going in for his 1 year checkup, too! I cant wait to see what he weighs!

Debby, that's crazy what your husband said! :LOL: Was he being serious or funny?
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What kind of problem...is he unable to eliminate this could be very serious and reguires immediate attention by the vet. Is he having problems with correct use of the litter box..having accidents or intentionally going in different places. If this is the problem you might try moving the box to the most frequentely used spot; keeping the litter box clean (clean after each use if necessary. If its your cat use your best judgement. Keep the board posted about the progess of your cat don
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Tigger...he was trying to be funny...but he makes little jabs like that all the time!

Suzieq...I know what you mean!!!
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