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whats the deal with summer colds?

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Seriously you guys..whats the deaL? I managed all winter long to avoid any colds or flus even when every one close to me had one. summer comes and i get a cold? even dayquill isnt helping?

the saddest part is.... I cant taste anything I all tastes like..well....nothing!
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Have you been hanging around Mackenzie?

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Thread Starter know how contagious those internet bugs are...
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Are you sure it isn't allergies???
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What are your symptoms??? Be sure to stay hydrated Also, Emitrol (at wal-greens or walmart- around $12 works amazingly well ) I'm sending you lots of "feel better soon" vibes!
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Aww, I feel your pain, I'm sick, too! Just the other night I woke up with a horribly bad sore throat and the aches and chills. I got myself some antibiotics tho, so I'm feeling slightly better now, but still not 100% =( Go get yourself checked out and get some meds, colds are no good...
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Are you doing better Erica?
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I also feel your pain. I ended up with broncittus last week and this week I have major allergie problems. Can hardly breath out of my nose, everything itches.

I hope you feel better.
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I got summer cold for two weeks, taking medicine does not help for me. Just keep drinking juice high in vitamin C.
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I hope you feel better soon. Summer colds and flus are lousy. The worst flu bug I ever had was in late August. I thought I was going to pass out on the bus from heat and not being able to breathe.

Maybe it's related to coming in and out of air conditioning? My workplace is overly AC'ed so a lot of us freeze inside and then melt when we get outside.

Has anyone tried the mentholated Breath-right nasal strips for a cold?
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I know how you feel. I have a bad cold right now too and its driving me crazy.
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Last month my fiancé and I kept passing back the same cold for about a week and a half, ugh, how annoying.

Hope you feel better.
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