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I know you use Feline Pine and after reading you gush about it i went out and bought a 20 lb bag. How long should that last me? I have regular boxes and I scoop poop daily and the dust I bought it last week and its almost gone it was only 11.99 so im not terribly concerned but what else should i be usuing? I also should note i used it to change the bottom of my ferret penelopes cage, but i only used about two handfulls.
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Oh i hope it lives up to my gushing! hehe

I leave it until it all turns to sawdust or if they are favoring one corner and keep peeing right on top of where they peed earlier then I will scoop that corner out and put some fresh stuff down. But basically you can scoop the poop and let the rest go until then.

They make a special litterbox that probably costs a fortune but it is basically two litterboxes in one, the top one being like a sifter with holes in the bottom so you can scoop the poop and then sift the sawdust through to the bottom pan and then discard of it. Then put it back together and add more litter to the top.

I am going to try to make one.

I hope that helps. Do you like it so far? I love it, I like the smell especially. I had to start setting up one or two boxes with regular clumping litter because my Bowie thinks she is a little princess and is picky about her litter. She keeps using the carpet and I think it is just a preference thing. But man, I completely notice the difference. I can smell the ammonia the first time they pee in the clumping clay litter. Feline Pine I cannot even if I stick my nose in it after a week.
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so far i love it. I just hate when I scoop im wasting some good pellets because they dont sift through the scooper only the dust does. I dont smell the urine but i smell their poop i dont think ill ever find a litter that masks that smell! I have two lined litter box's for them and I think im just wasting it. I found the feline pine litter box for 24.99 im going to see how they work out.. I hope well lol... im thinking of mixing in baking soda too with the pine and see how that workS! Thanks again for mentioning it or else i would have never thought to use a pellet form cat litter! not to mention it cut down costs for me because it doubles as ferret litter!!
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I found it to last longer too, but that is just me. I may do things differently.

Glad it is working out though.
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