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Ladies..Feeling "bloated" today?

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So today, I woke up, and it's just one of those days when I feel fatty.
You know those days? When you're just like

"UGH! My hair wont go right..and this shirt looks terrible with these jeans, and THIS shirt makes me look fat, and those jeans aren't my favorite with this other shirt that looks OK, but not good enough for the belt I was going to wear!, and Gosh...My feet hurt, and I hate these socks, and my bra doesnt fit right, the straps keep falling down, and my thighs are like Cow Calves, and I can't STAND YOU STANDING THAT CLOSE TO ME! and MAN! Can I get any fatter?! That's it! It's PAJAMA BOTTOMS TODAY OK?! DO YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT!"

Yeah..That's one of those days for me today. I belive you ones that get your monthly friend every month feel that way more than I do. I only get that in Febuary, and August. And I think the August one is totally ready for action. Bleh...
Is there pills for this?!
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Your lucky you don't get it every month. I don't get it every month because I hate it so I usually take my pills for 2 months in a row before I take a week off.
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I STAY bloated I have a ton of gastro issues. (gerd, acid reflux, ibs, & i just found out i have lactose intolerance and a gluten allergy). Literally everything i eat makes me bloat up like a goodyear blimp....so i don't have it just once a month- i have it all month long. I feel your pain sweetie! I'm sending you lots of vibes and hugs!

Water Pills & Diuretic pills usually help with bloat. Try some Midol for any kind of cramping. Also avoid anything with salt or caffinie in it- it makes bloating worse... Good luck babe! I hope you feel better soon
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I am bloated at the moment, and keep on craving for cake, mine is due about next week! boo!
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Ugh! That happens to me most of the time. What else can we do about it? I just do the best I can to fix it, if I can't, I just leave it and it will fix itself.
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ugh, mine is due next week as well. Oddly enough though, I haven't been hungry- normally around this time chocolate is my only solace, but I have some kind of horrible gastrointestinal problem that I can't really afford to go to the doctor for (that and ... i don't want to ) so (TMI alert) I haven't exactly been regular, so of course I'm never hungry. But I'm extra bloated.
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