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addicting tv shows

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I have never been a sucker for prime time tv or any daytime soaps but this last year I've been really roped into tv.

For instance over the winter I got my wisdom teeth pulled and was home for a week. I got into Project Runway and Flavor of Love( with Flavor Flave).
The new seasons for both shows have started again and I watch them constantly.

also I got hooked watching Blow Out on Bravo today and although the guy Jonathan is a complete baby and cries every episode I cannot stop watching it.

anyone else have shows they hate to watch yet cant stop?
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Oh jeez, a while back there was this show called "Real Housewives of Orange County"...or something. I got addicted to that when they ran a marathon. Good thing there was only like, 6 or 7 eps!
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I am shamefully addicted to pretty much all the MTV reality shows. Laguna Beach? Can't Get Enough. The Hills? Yes Please. Even the stupid ones like Tiara Girls and My Super Sweet 16. It's horrifying and completely devoid of any redeeming qualities...but I just find them so darned entertaining!!!
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I don't think im addicted to any show i just like watching tv.
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