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My cat is too scared... :(

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Hi, I've lived with my cat for two years in apartments. I've moved once, a small move and she was scared and hid under the bed for awhile but got used to the place and she was fine (I've always lived in apartments in houses so they're not that noisy) My cat has always been scared of people coming over. Like when she heard the first door on my aparment when someone coming to see me opened it (you had to open one door in order to get to the main door) she'd hide for awhile and then come out.
Now I've moved again for school. It was a big move and this time I live in an apartment in a big building so theres people all around me and I'm close to the main door so its more noisy then where I lived before. I've moved thursday and she's been hiding under the bed pretty much since. She came out a little to like see the apartment on saturday and sunday night and thats it. I made her come out today and closed my room door so that she would get used to being in the apartment and not under my bed. But she kept hiding when she heard people come in and out of the building and she got stressed and she's just not getting used to hearing people all the time.. she's just really scared.. I finaly gave up and let her go in my room again.

I don't know what to do, I'm scared that she'll never get used to this place...

(if you need more information, just ask)

I hope someone can help.. I'm really desperate here!

Thank you very much!

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I'm sure she'll get used to it with time. I have two scardy-cats, and they don't even react at all anymore when the door to the stairs outside slams shut. A knock on the door is a different thing, but I'm okay with that!

In the short term, I'd recommend that you close her up in your bedroom, with her litter box and food. That way she can adjust to the smaller, more managable space and get comfortable in it. Once she feels very safe in your bedroom (it will happen!), then you can open your door and let her explore the rest of the apartment. She'll probably run back to your bedroom at first whenever there is outside noise, but she'll get over that, eventually, too.
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Aww poor baby .... I agree with Enuja completely !!! Additionally if you have a radio where you can play some soft soothing music .... to help hide outside noises for now. The music will also help calm her.
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Sounds like a rough transition- poor baby!

Harp music is supposed to be especially soothing for cats.

You might also think about investing in a Feliway plug-in diffuser to put in your room. They work wonders at de-stressing cats.
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One of my cats is scared of new people and new noises too. Eventually he gets used to things. I would definitely try the Feliway. I had been dealing with episodes of digestive problems with my easily stressed cat sometimes to the point he stayed at the vet's twice on an IV. I spent at least $2,000 in extra vet bills and tried numerous diet changes. A Feliway diffuser turned out to be the answer. I keep one plugged in all the time. They are a little pricy though getting the refills online from the Dr Foster and Smith website has helped a little with the price. For me though they have been a bargain compared with the extra vet bills. I guess cats react to them to varying degrees but it would definitely be worth a try.
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Tab is scared of just about everything!!
She runs if someone's at the door, or even when the phone rings! She even runs off is someone just comes downstairs! She doesn't seem to be getting any better either, although she does come out at night and have a good play with her mouse...
But she did have a sad start in life, so maybe that's why she so scared...

As for your kitty, I would suggest you do what Enuja says!
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