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This time I need vibes for my Mom!

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Wednesday, Mom is going in for a procedure on her eye called a vitrectomy. Because of bleeding from the vessels in her eye (she's diabetic) they will remove the cloudy vitreous humor and replace it.

I guess I also need vibes that I will be able to take care of her and that my back will not be hurting as much until she recovers.
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Sending lots of vibes for you and your mom.
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Vibes on their way, Jan. I know nothing about that procedure, but I hope it goes well and she has a speedy recovery -- and that tending her needs isn't too much of a strain on you.
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You've got them Jan............
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Vibes and good wishes are in order... I'm sure everything will go fine.
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Sending lots of vibes and prayers for you both
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Good thoughts on their way! I know how upsetting it is to have parents that are facing surgery (or anyone close for that matter). I hope all goes well!
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I hope the surgery goes well and your back and other parts feel better!!!
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Of course the kitties and I will be sending vibes to Meowmy Lue. Let us know how it goes.
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Don't worry, your mother should be alright, it sounds like a common surgery

Vibes are flying through the air!!
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Aw, good luck & vibes! (((()))) for both you and your mom. I've had a couple eye operations and there don't seem to be many nerves there - not a lot of pain with those - hope that helps!
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Good vibes for both of you.
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(((((mega vibes))))) heading your way for the both of you Jan
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I'm sending you and your mom lots of vibes!!! My mom just had major eye surgery back in mid was rough, but we got through it You will be alright I'm sending your family lots of vibes!!!
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Sending lots of good vibes to you both
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hope all went well
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I'm late sending my vibes, but I hope mom is doing well.
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Brought Mom home about an hour ago and she did just fine (day surgery). Her eye is covered for now and we have a check up tomorrow. The worst part for me was sitting in the waiting room chairs and the long hallways (well, they seemed long to me!) and the seemingly long walk to the van in the parking lot.

We picked up some roast beef sandwiches on the way home and she had to share with the kitties so she could eat hers in peace! Ari had no qualms about sticking his nose right in the sandwich instead of waiting for her to hand him a piece.
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Glad to read that everything is good now. I hope her recovery goes well!!
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