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Is your Signifacant Other...

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I was just thinking about Lee's habits that I am going to miss if he goes to Germany. This got me thinking about the times of day Lee has the most energy.

Lee is a morning person. He is full of it as soon as he wakes up. He is normally in the shower while I dry my hair and he is constantly yelling and singing at the top of his lungs.

So is you Significant other a morning person, afternoon person, or a night owl. Does that match you?
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We are both night people. Not always a good thing because he works mornings a lot.
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Brandon stays up at night untill about 3 am. I stay up at night (night before work nights) untill 10:30, but (non-work the next day nights), I'm up till 1 am ish.

He sleeps untill like 1 pm...Where I wake up at (work days) 4:30 am, and non work days whenever my kid gets up, which is usually around 11 am.

It works out alright.
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I'm a morning person, he is definitely not a morning person. He also works swing shifts (rotates from 1st to 2nd monthly) which really messes up his sleep schedule.

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Chris will stay up really late until he falls asleep on the couch! Ok he dosen't do that very often but it happens... I used to be a night owl but having a regulated schedule, by the time night comes I'm beat. At the same time I'm not highly motivated early in the morning.
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Jeff is a night owl and I am a morning person. I'm always up by 8am and I wait a couple of hours for him to get up
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My SO is a morning person, but he can stay up later than I can and not feel any ill effects, whereas I turn into a pumpkin at 10pm. I am a morning person, but he's more of a morning person than me ... He's bright-eyed and bushy-tailed pretty much the instant he opens his eyes, whether it's 5am or 8am (not that we ever get to sleep until 8am ...).

I used to be a night owl, but having cats and a full-time job made that go away! Spike is awake around 4am and both cats are demanding food and attention by 6:30. I'm lucky if I can sleep until 7 on the weekends!
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DH is a morning person. He can get up and just get busy with whatever the day holds for him. It takes effort to get me doing anything in the morning. And then I could be exhausted and come 9pm, I'm awake and ready to go!
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I am a night owl big time. luckily my cats are used to my schedule

Steve used to be a night owl, but not now. since he has to work early but he doesnt have much energy in the AM
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I prefer nights but have got used to being up early so generally get up early even on non work days... my BF is definitely a middle of the day person, he is cranky in the mornings and exhausted at night
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My SO is definitely a night owl - he'd stay up most of the night if he oculd (and frequently does)! Me - not a morning person and not a night owl so have to say middle of the day!
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I'm a morning person...I wake up ready to get things done! In fact, I have been known to be late for work (8:30 am) due to running a load of laundry, scooping litterboxes, and vacuuming in the morning before work! I always think I can just squeeze in one more thing!

DH prefers to sleep late, and never accomplishes much until he has been up for a few hours...unless he is rushing off to the golf course. Of course, when he was working he managed to get up, get the dog out, and let the horses out of the barn, and still make it out the door quickly!
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Well as long as I'm awake I'm an anytime person but I do prefer to sleep in! Chad is a no-time person! I suppose if I had to pick he'd be a middle of the day'er since he does landscaping and is incredibly busy... but he is impossible to wake up in the morning and passes out on the couch the second he hits it at night, I mean like unconscious passing out

I'm amazed we get anything done!
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Colin is a morning person....but now that he's working the B shift (2:15-10:30), he's kinda getting used to the afternoons.

I am a night owl!!! But I can usually adjust to different times of day fairly easily. Since March I had been working 6am-3pm.......I didn't like getting up that early but the day went by faster. But if it's up to me, i'd rather stay up late and sleep in late. I'm also pretty alert in the afternoons.
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We don't match at all...Ian is a night owl and I am a TOTAL morning person...I feel like the day os over at like 5 PM!
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My husband and I are night persons, cause he works at night.
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