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Nursing Mom With Tapeworms

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My foster momma has tapeworms and I was wondering if I can get her dewormed when she's still nursing her babies. (Her babies are only 11 days old!)

My fosters are in a spare room and have no contact with my 2 cats, but is it possible for my cats to get infected by cross contamination?
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Since tapeworms use fleas in their life cycle, yes, your cats can get it. A flea with tapeworms can leave the isolation room, and one of your other cats can eat it (while grooming). Then the tapeworms can attach and grow in your cat, breaking off segments that come out the back end of your cat. Fleas in your house will eat these worms, your cats will eat them, and you've got an infestation. It might not even happen, and probably won't get too bad, if your other cats are regularly treated with Advantage-style drugs, because they probably won't eat infected fleas.

I have no idea if you can treat the momma for tapeworms, but I strongly suspect you can't treat her for fleas, so it's probably not worth it. I'd ask your vet.

Other posters who do a lot of fostering can probably also help.
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I have used droncit/drontal on pregnant moms and on moms with newborn babies and never had a problem. I have had this ok'ed by vets in the past, but you can always confirm with your vet.

As the other poster said, your cats can't get tapeworms from this cat unless she has fleas that spread to your cat. Tapeworms are spread through ingestion of fleas carrying the bug. This cat may or may not have fleas now. However, if she has tapeworms she definitely did in the past.

If she does have fleas, I would recommend treatment of her, even if the babies are too young for treatments themselves.
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hiya, i know that u cant worm mum and kittens until at least two weeks after birth and two weeks of age, after that its every two weeks until twelve weeks old, however this may differ depending on the product your using, i would ask your vet they probably have all the right answers so good luck! x
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hiya my vet has said i can't worm the mum and kitten's untill there 3 week's old's but i can use frontline to treat the flea's on them and this was from 4 day's old i would speak to the vet's as some are different
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