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I went camping for the first time ever with a friend & her dog. Of course, I took my two baby girls. And....as if I could do anything without getting hurt....I got hurt!

There were leash laws, so I had the dogs cabled. One dog's cable made a weird noise, and she was already agitated, so she bolted out of fear. Well, the cable was behind me & when I got up off the ground after being knocked over, it was on the other side of the picknick(sp?) table. She drug the cable clear under the table! When I got knocked off my feet, my leg hit the undersize of the table & I got this:

It's about 1" by 1/2". It never bled above the surface of my skin, but there is tons of blood just under the skin. I've never seen anything like it before, it looks like a weird bruise. It really hurts, too!
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owww! hope that heals up quick for ya Natalie, ah adventures in camping! I really miss camping
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Ouch indeed!!
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