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checkbook question

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How long are you supposed to keep your check duplicates (carbon copy) for? I have so many builidng up...... We have ones from 4 years ago, still...... Wouldnt it just be ok to shred them once the check clears?
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Theoretically, I believe that you are supposed to keep those records for 7 years, for IRS purposes.
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tigger, I would think so. Doesn't the bank keep copies of all your cancelled checks? Maybe keep copies of checks you wrote for large purchases just in case there is a problem later.
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Yeah my bank doens't even give me carbon copies..they just keep copies in their records.
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The IRS "recommends" you keep all documents pertaining to your returns (cancelled checks included) for at least 10 years. However, what they don't tell you is this: ~if for any reason~ they suspect you have filed a fraudulent return, they may examine your documents for as many years back as they choose. So, it behooves you to keep cancelled checks that pertain to your returns forever. But I would thin out what you no longer needed (or stuff that wasn't relevant to your return) and throw those away.

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If its just the carbons, don't bother. The IRS won't accept those, anyway. If you need copies, you'll have to get photocopies, from the bank. Go ahead and have a shredding party! It makes great mulch and/or cat litter.
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