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Any advice on temporarily changing feeding schedule?

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Hey all.. Good news is that we are going to Jamaica in a few months. The bad news is is that I fired my petsitter.. Some of you may remember this.. She never fed my kids the wet food, left dirty dishes, etc.. Anyway, I'm probably going to ask my neighbor to fill in, who also did it for me one weekend.
Now, I free feed dry and feed the four one can twice a day.. They usually leave quite a bit of the food, BTW. I'd like to have her only coming once a day as she is doing me a favor. Any thoughts, do you think it would be okay to have her come once a day.. Should I gradually change the schedule? I'm sure if I do this Zakk is not going to be happy with me.. The others probably won't mind.
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Could you maybe look into getting an auto feeder for one of the feedings? Then your neighbour would only have to come in once, give some food & love, and fill the feeder again (that would go off in the morning), and your kitty crew would be happy still because they're getting fed twice, like usual!

Just an idea, I've never used an autofeeder myself.... but I can imagine in this situation it might work out quite well!

Let us know how it goes!
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I think those are for dry food only.. I'll see about wet..
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Okay,found this. But how long can the wet food stay in the dish with a freezer pack... Also I don't know if my neighbor will be comfortable loading it.. She's a nice lady but not that tech savvy.. if you know what I mean.. Though it might be worth the money just for weekends.. I'm also concerned that one cat will "hog" it. I'm certainly not buying 3 or 4 feeders.

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My crew normally free feed dry and share a small can of wet morning and night. When we go away (which isn't all that often) and we have someone coming in, we have only one visit per day -- initially that was because it was my stepson doing the favour, but it worked perfectly OK, so that's what we've arranged with the pet sitter, too. On the day we leave, I feed breakfast, she feeds dinner; on the day we return she feeds breakfast, I feed dinner; the days in between, she comes in early afternoon and gives them a double serving. They do fine.
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