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I'm worried!!

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I just got a new cat,,, Chestnut, and she is very very loving.

But I have now found that my other cat, Angel,, will not love on me at all.. In fact, she seems like she is pulling away. She usually sleeps with either me or my daughter, and last night she slept on the couch all by herself. When I try to pick her up and love on her,, she pulls away, and goes by herself.

When Chestnut is laying on my lap, she just looks over at us, and lays on the couch by herself.

It's only the 4th day that Chestnut has been at our home, and Angel is relatively new too, she is going on her 3rd week. But she was way more loving and affectionate, and spontaneous before Chestnut arrived. She used to hide under the cover and sleep by me, and knead me at night.. She doesn't do it anymore... She used to sleep on my daughter's pillow at night.. I just don't get what's going on.

I'm very worried,, very,, is this normal??????
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Perhaps she's jealous of the new cat.
How does Angel react to Chestnut?
Have you've done the introduction process w/the 2 first?
Theres a thread for that somewhere.
It's really helpul.
Sorry if that wasn't much help.
I just think Angel needs to go through an adjustment period w/the new kitty.
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They've licked each other... Chestnut isn't at all hostile with Angel,, but everyknow and again, Angel will hiss at her.. But I don't get it,, because if you put them close to each other,, they'll either lick on each other, or Angel will hiss at her,, It's soo hit and miss. I try to give Angel loving, lots of it.. I just don't what else to do...

I got all kinds of new toys and all kinds of things to keep them busy. They'll walk together in the morning.. They have this habit of meeting me by the toilet when I get up in the morning,, Angel LOVES the toilet, for some odd reason.. So it's soo hit and miss. They'll play together, and take turns annoying the bird.. (that's another topic).

I'm clueless.. I thought because they were both so young, and had played together at the Cat's haven, they'd take to each other. Angel is 6 months and so is Chestnut...

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I wish I could give ya the perfect answer.
But sense you say they are getting along well already...
My suggestion would be to maybe setup some session when its
just you and Angel. Maybe pull out her fave toys and engage some one-on-one time w/her and slowly introduce Chestnut into the mix.
Angel is proboaly more use to having you all to herself and needs reassurance now that another cat is there (regardless if they used to play together).
I just think she needs to know that she's not being forgotten.
That help?
If not, Im sure a much more expirenced member can help you.
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That's not a bad idea.. I might see if I can put Chestnut in her room, and just play with Angel for a while.. See if I can get her to play with me...

I haven't gotten anymore ideas. I'm truly hoping she pulls out of this, but I don't know.. I figured if I tried to get another cat, she'd have someone to play with all the time... But I'm starting to worry, that maybe she liked being a loner cat.. Oh I hope not.....

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This is a big change for Angel. It isn't surprising that her behavior has changed. I strongly suspect that, given time, she'll be friendly with you again. Put on your calendar, maybe 3 months from now, to check and see how friendly Angel is. When you do, you'll proabably realize that she's just as friendly and playful as she was before Chesnut came to your house.
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Thank you Enuja.. I hope so.. I'm probably overreacting.. I just need to calm down and give it time I guess...

thanxs for the advice
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I'd give Angel a LOT of attention.
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I went through a very similar situation with my Vinny when we got Sherman in June. Vinny was relatively new as well, as he only came to us in February. He was (and still is!) our pride and joy...we spoiled him to the ends of the earth and he was always at our feet, following us, cuddling with us, and slept with us every night. When we got Sherman -- that all changed. He started sleeping on the couch or my husband's desk chair, and I would wake up in the middle of the night and get him, bring him to bed, and he'd stay for a half-hour and leave again. He stopped meowing and pawing at us, following us around and meeting us at the door -- but after about 6 weeks that all changed and he slowly began coming around again. We constantly reassure him that we love him and will hold him, pet him, bring him to bed (Sherman comes on his own), and open "his window" for him to sit on the sill every morning.

We didn't go through the introduction process with them, either -- so I wouldn't worry about it. They both came from homes with many other cats (Vinny was 1 of 4, Sherman 1 of 9) so we knew they'd be ok. Sherman hissed at Vinny for maybe 2 days, but they'd sit together and groom each other and now they're best buds.

I don't think you should worry at all -- I'm sure Angel will come around. She's just adjusting to sharing "her space" with Chestnut but will soon come to learn that she hasn't been replaced -- and that having the new kitty around will make it more fun when nobody's around!
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Same story here with Lilly when I added Leo to the family in May. At this point, she has mostly come around, although she is still slightly more reserved than she had been before. While I make sure she gets attention when she wants it, I don't "force" her to behave any certain way. Overall, I think it's better to have a pair of kitties than have one who's home alone all day (as mine are). I anticipate things will continue to improve as the months go on.

Something else you can try that might be helpful is getting a Feliway plug-in diffuser; they work wonders for calming cats since they exude "happy kitty" smells for them.
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We had a bit of a breakthrough last night with Angel!! Thank goodness!!

She finally slept with me last night,,, sometime last night, she slithered herself under my covers and laid by my leg. I didn't even know she was there until I rolled over and heard her screech,, but I gave her loving,, and kisses.. and she stayed there all night.

Chestnut slept between me and my husband and angel under the covers!! It was heavenly!!

I hope it keeps up!! She still isn't as loving as she used to be,, but this is huge for us,, better then her sleeping on the couch by herself...
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That's great that she slept on your bed! I agree with the other members that she just needs some time to adjust. I got a 2nd cat 2 months ago, and this morning was the first time I found them both on my bed!
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It's the best feeling,, makes you all warm and fuzzy inside!!
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