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I have a desk job and every day after lunch I get sooo tired. The turkey sandwich I just ate probably didn't help. What are your ideas for waking yourself up at work? I've done some stretching and tapping my foot on the floor.
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I come on TCS!! I also turn my headphones up, or go talk to someone.... anything but work, cause that'll just make me sleepier!
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I take a walk around the building or go outside n the warm air. Or I have had someone on this site tell me to drink a glass of cold water, and at the same time I was drnking that cold water someone told me to slap myself.... the laughing at the latter suggestion made me choke on my cold water and that woke me up. So maybe choke yourself??
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Thanks! I spend most of my time on TCS and emailing anyway, so that does help. I try to stay in my seat as much as I can because we are discouraged from walking around and not working. I think it is just being here that makes me so tired, because as soon as it's time to go I get a burst of energy!
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Peppermint gum works for me when I'm in class or something and can't get up, but really taking a quick walk, say just to get a drink of water, will do wonders to wake me up.
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I feel the same way. Although my boss encourages us to take frequent breaks!
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I struggle with this- probably about 2 or 3 days out of the week I will start to nod off at my desk. I just can't help it- I get sooooooo tired after lunch!

I usually get up and file or fold mail- something that I don't have to read & concentrate on. I'll also try drinking lots of water, eating a fireball or sucker (candy we always have around here) or I get stuff out of the snack box (BAD IDEA!)
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