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RSVP Etiquette

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My daughter is having her 3rd birthday party this weekend at Chuck E. Cheese. I made the reservations about a month ago for the number of kids I was inviting. (At Chuck E. Cheese, you pay $9.99 per child, adults don't count). Anyway, I sent out the invitations a week and a half ago and I have not gotten an RSVP from the parents of 4 kids. I have to confirm the number of children 24 hours before the party or pay for the number I reserved spaces for.

Here are my questions: Should I call these people (or more likely have my DH call, they are HIS people) and ask if they are coming? or Should I just confirm the number of kids that have RSVP'd and if the others show up, tell them that they have to pay for their own pizza, tokens, etc.? I think it is really rude not to RSVP, as I RSVP as soon as I receive the invitation. I'd really rather not waste $40 on kids whose parents don't have the decency to decline or assume that we assume they are coming and just show up.

Any advice?
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I would probably have DH call them, I remember when I got married, it was like pulling freakin teeth to get people to respond... with the pre-stamped envelope!
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I would get your husband to call, altho they still may be unsure .....

Last Thanksgiving I had a 60 person RSVP "shin dig" ..... that many didnt RSVP ... very frustrating ..... most all showed up, tho. I just made sure to have enought for 60 plus people ...... but had they RSVP me ..... it would have saved me so much worry .... I did call to see .... and I got a lot of "not sure yets"
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Call and see. Let them know that you have to let Chuck E Cheese's know how many people to expect and pre pay the pizza for that many people. Most of them should understand.
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Did you put a date on the invitation that people had to reply by? Not that that is an excuse, people really should reply right away. But sometimes what happens is they get it and think "Well gee, we were going to visit Grammy that weekend, maybe we should ask her if we can postpone....." and before you know it, the invitation is buried on the desk. If you put a date on it then it makes it easier for them to remember not to wait until the last minute to answer.

But definitely get DH to call if it is his deal. These things can be a hassle and why should you call around?
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Why don't you call Chuck E Cheese and ask if you can add a couple on if they show up? I ran birthday parties very similar to this for a year and a half, and there is NO good reason that you couldn't add four kids on at the party. Like, make the reservation for 12 or whatever and if 2 of the 4 unknowns show up, just add them on.

Or have DH call them, as it is rude to not respond.
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I'd call and ask them. It is so rude for people not to reply. but they do and then show up.
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
I would probably have DH call them, I remember when I got married, it was like pulling freakin teeth to get people to respond... with the pre-stamped envelope!
I must have invited the same people to my wedding!!

In all seriousness, I think it's ok for you to call them to get a final headcount.
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Yeah, I'd definitely call them. You can't assume that they won't show...sometimes people don't bother to RSVP even when they ARE planning to show. I agree that it's very rude, but some people are just like that.
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I would call. I get so annoyed when people dont RSVP.
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I'd call. As much as anything, because it's a little kid who will be disappointed if somebody appears, who can't be accommodated because of a parent's negligence. It's easy enough to say, "Hey, just getting a final head count for the reservation, and I see I don't have a reply from you...were you planning to come?"
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Definately call them - It is SO RUDE not to RSVP!!!

I'm having the same problem with my wedding!! How hard is it to pick up the phone!!
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This sounds bad but i think sometimes people dont call cause they kind of do a "well we got this invite but lets wait and see if anything else comes up". And some are just forgetfull.
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I think if you explain that you're paying by the kid and need to let Chuck E Cheese know ahead of time, they will understand.
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