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You guys really do help alot.

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I don't know if anyone remembers, but many months ago I was on here looking for help with a stray cat I had found, Waverly. Everyone answered all my questions and helped alot, and I wanted to say thanks. Because of your guys help, Waverly is healthy and happy now living with me at my new home in Florida. She's adjusting well to the other cats here, and seems very happy to be an indoor cat. She's put some weight on and, though she's still small ( I guess from being born a stray) she's a healthy weight and doesn't look bony. I just wanted to say thanks again, this forum really is helpful and your guys advice helps alot. I'm not sure if people say "thanks" enough for the help they get here, and I wanted to be sure to let you know Here is a picture of Waverly now, isn't she beautiful? She's such a sweet cat. Again, thanks so much!
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Waverly is a beautiful girl! And I loooove her eyes!
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I'm so glad you found some help, here. Aren't you two glad you found each other? And how considerate you are to come back and give the members a follow up! Post more often! She's a real cutie.
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Waverly is quite a pretty girl. I'm glad you were able to find some help here. I know Waverly is just glad she found you! Keep in touch when you can.
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I remember your initial post. I love the name you picked for this pretty girl and am glad the two of you are getting along together well.
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Hehe yes she is beautiful. Her eyes and ears are huge, especially given the size of her body. I am so glad I found her she is my baby! I'm glad she's getting along with the other cats here, I'm loving living in a household with 3 cats (2 are my boyfriends). It's nice having so many loving, purring, furry creatures around (except for the litter box cleaning!)
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Waverly is beautiful! She is lucky to have such a loving owner!

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What a great picture of Waverly! She looks very happy and healthy!
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