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Roger the Rabbit

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Well, that is what I call him, are not all rabbits called Roger like all Bassett Hounds are called Fred? We are having a severe draught here like in many parts of the country and I go out every morning to hand water the lawn in hopes of keeping it from burning up. Roger is always there. The very same Roger that has been jumping up on to the flower pot under the window and driving Persi the Cat insane. Here is the weird thing, every morning I go out, I hope to see Roger. I am now tempted to start providing water and food for him because he must be hanging around for a reason. Of course if I do that, I might as well put cardboard or something over this window but I am sure that Persi will know he is still there. I know the reason the rabbit is hanging around is because I am watering, and water is in such short supply around here. I want to set out a bowl of water and some food for him. I am not sure where this is going to lead....
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We used to have a wild rabbit hang around for years - same female, we called her BunBun (after my dutch rabbit with the same name). She and my cat used to play catchers around the houses.

BunBun was totally wild but eventually would come up to us for cookies. She would take them from your hands and even put her feet on your lap; however you could NEVER touch her!

She did have several litters of babies in the yard, but would never teach her babies it was ok to trust humans.
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For heaven's sake, at least put out some water in that weather! I wouldn't fuss about the cat now, just take care of the bunny, who needs a lot of water (more than cats do) often.
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Larke, I took your advice and the rabbit has already went through a bowl of water but he did not touch the Science Diet I feed my cat so this morning I laid out some carrots and such. Guess my kitty is going to have a proxy friend.
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