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Am I being selfish?

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Hey guys,
I'm in the process of getting the Petfinder website set up for our TNR group (I'll also be maintaining it) and need your opinions. I'm really reluctant to have my home ph. # listed as the general contact number and for adoptions and am feeling a bit pressured by our coordinator to do so. I've already agreed to have my home email listed on there for general inquiries, but don't have the time to be fielding a lot of phone calls too. For adoptions, since we're not a shelter, I think the contact # should be whoever is fostering the cat. This is primarily our coordinator and a few other foster homes. I know she's already overwhelmed by phone calls and I feel for her, but I really need to put some limitations on my involvement with the group. I don't anticipate that we're going to get a lot of adoptions off Petfinder, but I don't think I should be expected the one to handle all of them. Another option would be to just have people email me an adoption application, which I could pass on to the foster home and leave it up to them to follow up.

Just feel like maybe I'm being selfish about my time, but as I've posted before, I've been ignoring other responsibilities to do cat stuff and can't keep it up. I definitely want to be involved, but really have to set some limits.
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Oh Eileen, selfish and you don't go together! You are definitely not being selfish! I wouldn't want my number on it. BUT, there should be somebody's number on it........hummmmmmmmmmmmmm
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I have seen people that only put an email address on their PetFinder sites. I certainy would not want my phone number out on the internet.
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Eileen, you are just way too good. Your always trying to help, always thinking about the animals, always taking on more, and never selfish. I don't think it's safe to put your home # on any website.... I don't even put mine in when I'm registering or signing up for something, I put my cell. You never know who's lurking on pet websites looking to prey on someone. I think the emailing option is best for everyone...even the fostering families. This way you can briefly review their application, call a few refernces before giving out anyone's phone #, or forward the application to the fostering family via email, and let them contact the applicant. This way they can *67 before they call so their home # doesn't show up, or they can give out their # if they feel to do so. And your involvment is simply reviewing the app and forwarding it onto the fostering family. Just a thought... good luck to you!
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I don't think you're being selfish at all. If you are fostering a cat or a dog and someone is interested have them call the shelter/rescue and take a message and have the person who is interested give the shelter/resuce their phone number and then you can call them back.
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Don't do it! I don't think you're selfish at all. You have to be safe. Is it possible to get a second line and split the costs between the various group members? It's an extra $10 a month to add a second cell phone and number onto my cell phone plan, I have no idea how much it costs for a second land line number. $10 would be pretty easy to do, if everyone chipped in $1.
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Thanks guys, for the support and ideas. I think email or a second line is definitely the way to go. I just hope our coordinator understands that. Lately, I feel like she's trying to lay increasing responsbility on me and the other volunteers. Of course, a big part of this is my problem saying "no." But, I think she really needs to understand that not everyone has the ability to commit as much time to this as she does.
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