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Giving 2 weeks' notice?

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I'm ready to leave my current job for another. I'm going to an interview on Monday, but they've already guaranteed me the job, so I'm ready to give my 2 weeks notice. My situation is a bit tricky because my manager is my sister-in-law... do I include the week of the anouncement as one of the 2 weeks, or do I have to start "counting" the following week?

Any advice?

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In general, I have always seen resignation letters worded "My last day of employment with ____ will be ____. It doesn't have to be exactly two weeks, a little more or a little less is OK. If you want to give a full two weeks, then count from the day you turn in your resignation. Also, it will probably be helpful to you to work until the end of a pay period (not up to a pay day), so you don't end up missing an entire paycheck.
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Do you think your SIL will be upset?
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Please do not resign until you have an offer letter from your new employer to be - verbal promises / gurantees alone will not pay the bills .

I would start counting from the day you have the offer letter in hand. 2 weeks are not a necessity but are considered a professional courtesy.
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I have to look at the contract I signed... but since I'm freelance, I doubt a lot of the "legalities" of full-time employees will apply to me. I wan to give my SIL advanced warning that I'll be leaving, so she's not caught off-guard. I also have to tell her boss that I'll be leaving, which I'm a bit more worried about, because she's the type of person that can be everyone's best friend one day, and the wife of the devil the next. Is it better to tell your bosses at the beginning of the day, or at the end? Two weeks will be a good time-line, because the mad rush we're in right now will be over by then, so I won't feel like I'm dumping them in the deep end...

I'm not overly worried about the offer letter, because I've got 2 different employers who want to hire me. I'm going for a "trial day" (applying for a groomer job at a vet clinic) on Monday, so I should know by the end of Monday where I stand.
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Most new employers will understand if you want to give notice as they would want someone to give notice.

Generally, I would say the end of the day as it gives people time to think it over and calm down for the next day, if you are freelance, you technically don't have to give them any notice unless it states so in your contract, but its always best to give it as it makes for a happier ex employer you may want a reference from
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Good Luck On New Job!
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Good luck with he new job
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Good luck
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Good luck!!!
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