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Grass Seeds

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Puppy loves to eat various plants, so we've started training him to eat only ONE plant in the house. It's located next to his cat tree to encourage him to go for that one and not the others. We got a package of Oat Grass from Petco, and he loved it. Problem is, the stuff is packaged poorly and dies within 4 days. So now he's chewing on my palm again.

Does anyone know where I can get the seeds for this grass (or any other grass he might like?) I figure that if I plant the seeds myself, they won't get all messed up and die so soon.
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i don't have houseplants, so don't have this problem. i also don't stock greens for the cats, except for catnip. but i did find these places online that might do better for you...
Pricilla's Cat Grass
Pet Greens
Cattail Gardens
Kitty Grass
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I go to the nearest feed store and purchase either oat, wheat or rye grass.

Cost is about $5.00 for 10 lbs.
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