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kidney failure?

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I picked up 2 kittens about 3 months ago and they have been great. one seems to grow at about twice the rate of the other. the smaller of the 2 kittens is extremely thin everywhere except the belly which is enormous. 2 vets already said she had no worms and they are not visible in her feces or vomit.....which is the other deal, she is always extremely hungry and just eats to a point where she throws up and even when she holds her food for a week at a time, she is still extremely thin except for the belly which is very round and tight.I can see her intestines and other organs protruding somtimes. has anyone ever heard of this. vets say she is too young to stop feeding.
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Did they run a fecal exam on her at all? You will rarely see the actual worms in the feces. When a fecal exam is run, we are checking for the parasite eggs, not the worm itself. And, even if the first fecal was clear, another follow up should be done. There are points in a parasites life cycle in which eggs are not shed.

I would first recommend that a fecal exam be performed and then go from there.

Good luck.
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she actually did have worms at one time and was treated for them. she`s had fecal exams for the past 3 weekly checkups with the vet. clear on all occasions.
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Since the fecal exams are clear of worms, perhaps the next step should be a blood test. That would tell you whether her kidneys and liver are working properly.
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