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couch problem

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i have a 4.5 year old himi and he has been left alone when I go on vacation with a feeder and 2 litter boxes and never had a problem. Well this time went away and came home and had poop and pee all over the couch. good think it was leather. Anyway picked the dog up and the cat went to the vet for uti and blood work etc. She said everything came back normal its a behavior problem. she had said confine the cat to a room for several days and slowly introduce the cat back into the enviorment. The dog is not the problem I have had her since last october. And I left the cat in a secluded room and used its litter box. Than I felt bad and let him out one night guess what he did it again. Help.
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My Sugarly has the same behaviour problem and does it on occasion (she is currently on a time out in the basement for about a week. She is on kitty anti-depressants. She is the lowest in the household pecking order and is easily stress - that is her way of expressing her anxiety. Your cat is probably mad at you for leaving and may have some security issues.
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It's very important that the couch be properly cleaned: leather is porous and will have likely become saturated with the urine. Treating it with a leather cleaner will not likely remove all the smell, which is present to a cat even if you can't smell it yourself. Products like Nature's stain and odor remover or BP's 100%natural pet odor remover break down the pheronomes in the accident area and make it less likely that the cat will urinate in the same place. You will have to exercise some care by testing the product on an area of the couch that is not readily visible in case it stains the leather.

If you don't take this extra step, chances are the cat will urinate there again because he can smell his scent and will mark again in the same place.

Some questions (if you don't mind...) just so that I understand the whole situation: How long have you had the cat? Did you get him before or after the dog? Is this the first time they were alone in the house together? Who was looking after the cat while you were gone? How often was the cat litter changed in your absence? Did the person looking after the cat spend any time with him?
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