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Unfounded worries???

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Every since Chuckie passed so suddenly I am concerned about the other cats. They all seem fine (but then again, so did Chuckie )

I can't help but have this fear, what if they have a hidden illness that will suddenly strike them down as well. I know with Chuckie it wa a very rare occurance like the vet said, but still I'll worry...especially about Spyder being as he and Chuckie were brothers.

It will take awhile for these fears to ease but was just wondering if anyone else has gone through any similar situations.

Thanks for letting me get these thoughts out there!
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Diane it's only natural that you feel like this I know with me moderating the bridge i can let my mind go into overdrive at times and i find myself looking at the girls more, but i have to quickly snap out of it or i would make myself ill.

Try and not think too much about it, and remember what the vet said, it was a rare occurance
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It's truely understandable that you're feeling this way, Diane!

I am highly paranoid at times and often create problems that aren't even there (I'm well known at my vets because of this!)

All you can do is try your best not to worry (hard as it is, I know!) and trust your care and judgement!
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I know exactly how you feel. After Magpie (Jaffa's littermate) died last year I've become paranoid about Jaffa's health and imagine him having every illness known to cats (and a few that exist only in my imagination). I think it just reminds you that they don't live forever and you get anxious at the slightest variation in their habits. I even got worried about Jaffa sleeping in a different spot on the bed the other evening! You just have to try to not think about it too much otherwise you're in danger of transmitting your anxiety to your cats, not to mention stressing yourself out.
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I am new to this forum and I came on here for comfort regarding the exact same situation. 2 weekends ago my kitten died at almost exactly 1 year old suddenly out of nowhere. Apparently she was born with a defective heart and she died of congenital heart failure. We didn't see any signs of it coming at all. Her brother is still with us (they were litter mates) and we took him to the vet the other day to make sure his heart was ok and we discovered he has a heart murmur. Every day I just sit and watch him looking for signs. I feel like i'm just waiting for the same thing to happen to him as just happened to his sister and I can't get on with my life. We are taking him to a cardiologist but no one could get him in for another 3 weeks so I have to wait and wonder if he's going to be ok until then. I understand so COMPLETELY how you feel. You feel as though their lives are so fragile that they can be taken away at any second. I don't really have any advice for how to get over your fears, but I just wanted to let you know that you aren't alone in feeling that way!
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YES! i did the same thing, after Mouse died unexpectedly, especially with her littermate, Pixel. i'm still more likely to be wary with Pixel, but that's partly because she's now a senior cat. but i think part of it is still because of Mouse going so suddenly - i mean, after all - they were littermates. you'd expect similar problems, right? that's only logical. but i am more watchful & suspicious with the others, too. i've also taken both Pixel & Cable to the vet for loose stools, only to find it was only was she called 'dietary upset' meaning she could find no cause for the problem, & indeed, it went away almost immediately.
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Diane and lac241 You are not alone.

I lost my Molly real fast like you did with Chuckie. Despite the many tests that were done, we never received a conclusive diagnosis. We adopted Abby a little less than 2 months later. She was adopted from the shelter and came to us with many problems - a URI, worms, conjunctivitus, ear mites, a shaved back due to fur pulling, just to name a few. I was a complete wreck. I am still constantly looking for symptoms similar to Molly's. I think the next time one of your cats isn't acting quite right, you will instantly flash back to Chuckie. I am much more vigilant in keeping an eye on Abby than I was with Molly, although I was with Molly too. I have eased up a bit, but between the things I have learned on here, and Molly's situation, I feel I am a much better "Mom" to Abby than I was to Molly, and that makes me feel guilty.
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I know how you feel, I only take in oldies, and seem to have a knack of picking ones that look fine, but then have health issues, so if I get a spell of healthy cats, I Start wondering when it is going to change, as in 4 years of cat ownership, there haven't been that many spells when none of them have had something wrong. And now Ginger has turned 15 (an age none of my previous cats have got to, and he has been with me longer than any other cat), I am treating him differently - recently found out he loves raw meat, so have decided that at his age, he might as well have a small amount every day, as who knows how much longer he will be here - and not in a nasty way, just that as an ex street cat, who knows - although if his blood tests in October show him to be healthy, I think I will be able to relax a lot more
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