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They are driving me nuts with their meowing

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I have two 4 month old Bengal kittens, House and Piper. At night when my boyfriend and I go to bed we have to lock the babies up in the bathroom on the other side of the house because they cry like mad by our bedroom door. When I wake up in the morning they hear me before i can get to them and they start crying like crazy. Im so frustrated, cause its not even like a normal meow, it this screaching meow and both do it.

How do I stop this? They only do this a night when locked out of our room, when their in the bathroom in the morning, and when they want something.

It just the amount of meowing and the loudness of it drives me nuts, please help me, spray bottles dont seem to work, i think i might be stuck with these meowing monsters for the rest of my life?! Please say it isnt so.

Is there any way to teach a kitten to shut up?lol
I do love them
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Yikes!! We are getting a Bengal kitten in November so I'm glad I found your post! Even though I don't have an answer I'll definetely stay tuned...

What happens if you let them in the room? I thought Bengals liked to sleep/cuddle with you? Maybe they will grow into that phase since they are still young!
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My Kittens for Dummies book says that Bengals are quite vocal so your kittens may just be normal. It also says that if your kitten is yowling, are they yowling?, it is time to get them fixed, they are in heat.
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I do not have a Bengal, but I understand they are very social and lively kitties, especially when they are young. It is just in their nature. I am sure some of our many Bengal owners will be along to guide you with your problems. Good Luck!
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I dont let cats sleep with me, especially kittens cause im a very light sleeper, and cats seem to be more active at night. so i constantly get woken up when they walk on me and stuff.
I wish I could sleep with them but i also dont trust them not to pee on my bed, one has peed on the dog bed so im concerned.

I have heard Bengals are more vocal then other cats, i guess im wondering if this is something i can teach them not to do or if im just screwed and its part of who they are as "bengals."

Sarah, you will love your kitten, Bengals are the best!
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Good- I can't wait!! Everything I've read says they are just talkative/ noisy... Maybe as they get older they won't be quite as persistant but who knows- least of all me!

I was going to add that maybe if you put something about them being Bengals in the title you might get more Bengal people that know what you are dealing with to respond!
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I think its more that they are kittens and want very much to be with you at night. You are right though that being with you will amount to them playing with you while you are sleeping. When Meeka and Hope were kittens we had to keep them in a seperate room because, well kittens are still nocturnal and this is their playtime. Bengals are vocal so they are expressing their disinterest with your decision to be put in a different room and being islocated from you when all they want to do is play with you. This will calm down as they get older, our cats now sleep peacefully with us.

My boss commented about a former employer always looking so tired after having adopted 2 kittens. Kittens don't let you get much sleep, that is in their nature. Once they get their schedule switched around so they are no longer nocturnal then they will sleep when you sleep. Right now they are just full of energy adn ready to go.

Make sure you give them thorough playtime before bed, try to wear them out as much as possible. Give them as much stimulus in the room they are kept in while you are sleeping. Maybe a cd player with some birds on it or something and toys and beds etc. Also feed them right before bed as cats tend to bathe and sleep right after eating.

I think you are just going through the usual kitten adjustment period. Whether its a bengal or not most kitten owners go through it. It can result in many sleepless nights.
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Get some ear pulgs! No, I'm not sure if I have any more productive advice, and it sounds like you've got everything set up so that you don't listen to the meowing for too long.

I wouldn't expect spray bottles to work; you are using that to make them unhappy with something. They are already unhappy by meowing, and spraying them will just make them associate you with the unhappy experience of getting wet. I don't think they'll associate getting wet with meowing at all.

Solitary Bengals' advice looks really good; I'd go with that if I were you.
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Probably the best thing to do is just ignore it :| It's difficult I know.

When we got Libby, we shut her in the living room at night and she would jump at the door, scratch it and make the most terrible mewing sounds, you'd think she had her leg trapped in barbed wire or something!

I started off by going in there to check on her and try to settle her each night after 10 minutes of shutting her in there, but it only made things worse. After a week or two of just ignoring her (making sure we didn't make much of a sound after shutting her in there) it just stopped. She knew it was inevitable and that we wouldn't come and get her, so she just wouldn't cry anymore. She'd still make a total fuss in the mornings the second she heard us move though!

She sleeps in with us now and, again, it's been a couple of weeks that it's taken to stop her from waking me up every hour from trying to play. Although she still likes to try and get me up and out of bed at 4/5am!

Good luck!
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my older cats all sleep with me but my baby *3 months* sleeps in another room as she just keeps everyone awake wanting to play..is it just that they r young or do u think theres more to it?
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