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outdoor nightmare

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Hi, we have 2 kittens which are 5 months old, Jack & Bailey who are male brothers. We have recently being letting them outside the back garden with us in the hope that they would get used to not using the litter tray. The problem is that Jack the rascal jumped over the back fence and went exploring. We all panicked but luckily we caught him quickly. So my questions are : Have we let them out too soon ? How long should we persevere with the cat litter tray ? and is it likely they would find their way back if / when they escape again ? any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.
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If you want to keep them in the garden, you'll have to invest in cat fencing specially designed to be unclimbable. Otherwise, you're letting them outside and there's no way to keep them from going wherever you want.

They should always have a litter tray available indoors.

And they'd be much better off kept indoors at all times. It would more than double their life expectancy and prevent all kinds of nasty injuries and illnesses.

You didn't mention whether they were neutered or not... If they aren't, you absolutely cannot let them outside at all until they've been neutered, as soon as possible.

If you must risk letting them outdoors, then yes, you should do it as early as possible (after they've been neutered) so that they are not viewed as threats by the cats whose territory they're invading, and so they can learn to deal with the numerous dangers you'll be exposing them to.

And, yes, he will be able to find his way home... Usually. Outdoor cats do get lost and can't find their way home though.
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Hello , thank you for kind words and advice, I will let you know how we get on.
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