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On Dog Eat Dog tonight

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It looks like it could get interesting on Dog Eat Dog tonight. They are having people like Richard Hatch - the original Survivor, Kato Kahlin, Sue Hawk (Survivor)and Darva Conger on. Also Kaya and Ytossie for the 1st Temptation Island. I think Kaya will win as he seems the most fit of the bunch.
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I think I'll watch it. I saw Kato Kahlin on The Weakest Link, and despite his image, he seemed to be quite intelligent. Of course, that probably won't make too much of a difference. It will be fun to see Richard and Sue from Survivor, though!
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What is with Richard and his nakedness (I don't think that is a real word). I am glad Sue won - she is such a hoot! Poor Kaya (he is so pretty) - he couldn't cry on demand.

Is it just me or is Darva really irritating - she has a whiny voice.
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I watched this last night too!! Darva gets on my nerves, also!!! And when Richard couldn't think of the name of the movie, I was screaming....BASIC INSTINCT!!!! at the TV!!! LOL
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Now, guys, you know that dear Darva hates all the attention she got for her mistake, and just wants the press and public to forget all about her and allow her to be an angel of mercy. That's why she poses for magazines and appears on interview shows, to help us forget her. HUH? What did I just say? Well, that's what she says, so I guess we should---? believe her....????
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