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Okay.. so I've had Cappy since he was only 12 days old. Once I got him and his siblings here.. I showed the dog what they were, because they were squealing and he was tilting his head and crying, trying to figure it out.

Cappy will be 11 weeks old on Thursday. He's spent all that time here partially in a box. But when he was 7 weeks old, he and his brothers came downstairs and had free run of the main floor... they were skittish of Apollo at first.. but soon they were running right past him.. just keeping an eye on him as they ran past.

But Cappy seems to be getting worse the past few days. He will stand there, arch his back, fuzz up his fur, and hiss at Apollo. Now.. Apollo doesn't know what he did.. and just stand there.. trying to sniff Cappy.. but Cappy wants no part of that and tries to slap him. Apollo then goes and minds his own business, if one of us hasn't yet removed Cappy from where he was standing.

I don't remember it being this hard for the cat to like that dog.

Right now, the 4 adult cats LOVE him.. especially Nacho.