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Sub-Q absorption rate?

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Otis started his sub-q fluids today after 2 days of IV treatment. I gave him 100 ml today at around 11, it's been over 12 hours and he still has a decent sized ball of fluids under his skin right now. He's been diagnosed as CRF and I'm afraid that his kidneys aren't working. Does anyone have any experience on how long it took their cats to absorb the sub-q's?
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I think it depends on your cats hydration status. But best resource I know re crf is I'd check their section on hydration and sub-q fluids and see what they say.

With Patrick he rarely would have any noticable pouch of fluid after I gave him 100 cc, it absorbed very quickly.
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My guess would be that it would depend on how hydrated/dehydrated your cat is. When i rushed Rambo in as an emergency, the sub q fluids were disappearing as fast as she pumped them in, but when he was given them as a precaution with his UTI, he had a camel hump for a few hours afterwards.

12 hours does seem a long time though, I would contact the vet about that.
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Looks like everything is absorbed today which is a good sign. He's also peeing which is even better, hopefully he'll continue to improve :-/
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