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Loss of appetite

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Is this normal? My kitties, only one of them, had worms, but both were treated. Before this they could not get full, ate all the time and wanted to eat all the time and let me know about it. Now, they hardly eat much at all. I have them on Iams food dry and canned and never cry for food or anything, just happy to eat when I feed them.

Could this be due to getting rid of the worms???

Should I be seeing worms in their stool that are not moving? Is that what happens after being wormed?

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Dear Mickee,

Change the cat food to a better brand. Iams is not good food; it's mostly corn and animal byproducts.
Your cats probably just don't like it if they are only eating a bit of it.
Also, the guidelines on the food packets are often woefully inaccurate. For example, some brands recommend you feed 2/3 to 3/4 cup of the food. My small cat eats 1/3 cup of food a day.
As long as they are eating somethingthey should be all right, but it does sound like it is time for a change for them.
California Natural was the one I finally decided upon after trying all the premium brands on Gizmo. It has only five ingredients, it is moderately priced, the cat eats it, and the improvement in her health was obvious (at least until I realized that she was allergic to chicken.)

good luck
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Thank you!

I didn't really mean they were just eating a little, but little in comparison to what they did on Kitten chow or Whiskas, etc. Before they were crying all the time, every 30 minutes to eat and I felt like I was running a cat cafe, now they eat, and prefer the dry over canned, but seem to stay satisfied as they don't beg to eat round the clock. I will try another food if this one is not really that good. What about Science diet is that not very good either?

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