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Need some ideas on foods

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Howdy! First time posting here so I shall introduce myself and my kitty and then ask my question

My name is Alicia, I currently live in ohio and work at a petsmart...cringe..I know. I just applied at a daycare center because retail isnt for me...2 yrs is all I can take! I currently have 1 cat. Her name Is Fantasia and she is 7 yrs old,spayed, black/orange medium length fur, small framed Prissy thing. She is overweight though

I currently feed my golden ret. mix Nutro Natural Choice and for the past 1yr Ive loved how she has done on it. But I havent been able to find a brand that works well with Fanny. I really want her to loose some weight but at same time...keeping her usually once a week (which ive heard is better then what it could be!) hairballs out of the picture. Any brands from Petsmart you would recomend? or other petstores? Im open to any ideas here. Ive tried asking an aol board but alas...noone has been able to help me much. I usually give her canned once a week also.

Other then wanting a good food for her...or exceptional She is a great, healthy kitty...and is def. my cat lol. She only loves me...oh well.

Thanks bunches in advance

P.S I get paid friday and I really want to start switching her startin this weekend.
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why don't you try the nutro cat food? If your dogs does so well on it, perhaps your kitty will too!
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At 7 it is time to get a senior panel done at the vet ... it is blood work that will check organ function as many older cats develop issues that would cause wt loss ..... After that I would look at Max cat senior , Natural choice senior , Royal canin has a few seniors ( RC makes a high fat low protein senior), Have used but it is decent ( too many veggies and grains ) Blue spa
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Thats right, Nutro is a good brand of cat and dog food. I used to feed my cats Professional Kitten food (Diamond foods), hwever, now i feed them Premium edge healthy weight cat food- i may switch over to the Finikycat food of the same brand if my Munchkin won't eat the other kind... My Tai will eat anything! but DO NOT buy friskys or any other brand of food from a supermarket... it's ike mcD's in a bag or can...

Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's SOUL is good as well!
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