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Kitties gone wild. ;)

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The past few days have been horrible.
During the day, it's alright. The cats are all calm, and Cappy is usually sleeping most of the day.

But once about 11pm hits.. they go mad.

Running from on end of the house to the other. Up the stairs, down the stairs. Climbs the couch, fall off the couch.

Then my mum goes to bed.. and they all seem to move in there with her.

That means she has to shut her door, which means I have to stay up and open it when I go to bed, after she's asleep or when the cats calm down.
Because they run in there like their butts are on fire.. running across her bed. She used to have a queen sized water bed.. which we just got rid of because they put a million different holes in it. She's had it since before I was even born.

Now.. the problem seems to be with Gordito, Poptart and Cappuccino.
The two bigger boys want to play with the little boy.. and then they get hyper and go at it for hours.

Which is killing me because I am the one that has to stay up until they calm down.

I don't want to have to confine Cappy at night.. but I am getting to the point where I don't really care anymore.. I am running on barely any sleep.. and then working most of the day.

Is there anything I can do to calm them down or something?
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They need more stimulation in the daytime. Cats are nocturnal, but they don't have to stay that way

Keep them awake during the day and play with them lots and lots so that they get tired out and will sleep when you sleep. Also, play with them a couple of hours before bed (not right before or they will be wound up). Also giving them a late night snack helps too. Kitties with full tummies like to nap

Oh, and if your cats are kittens, they will naturally have loads of energy. They will outgrow it as they get older and settle down some.
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My cats were like that when they were young. They eventually figured out my schedule, grew a little older and calmed down. Now they are fine.

I know what you are going through though. I remember the nights of cats running up and down the hall and across the furniture in the middle of the night.

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Have an active playtime, using interactive toys, just before bedtime. They may still run around and play with one another, but it is normal. Close the bedroom door if they are bothering you.
I also recommend several short playtimes during the day. A good interactive toy can be made by tying a bit of fur or a feather on the end of a leather shoelace.
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You can practically set your watch in my house from about 10.30.p.m, because that's when my two have their mad half hour racing up and down the stairs after each other!
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