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Bad Cat but Cannot Give Away

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My wife and I have a 2 year old fixed male that we are at are wits end with. He keeps us up at night with his whining and he chews on just about anything that he can get his mouth on. As we are expecting our first baby, the vet recommended that we find a new home for him since he has ruled out all physical issues. As we considered this, we determined that this should be the last straw, as we are so attached to the guy. When he is on his best behavior, he is the best cat in the world, but when he is bad, he bites us and chews on anything left on the floor. We have tried all non-abusive methods (water bottle, bitter apple spray, etc.) and, unfortunately some abusive methods, all with no resolve. We expect that if we cannot find any answers to the problem, then we feel that we will have to find a new home for him. Does anyone have any solutions that we have not already tried?
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If you are using abusive methods along with non-abusive methods, your best option is to find another home for him. He is responding to the stress in the home, the added excitement of the "almost baby time" He could be biting you because you are no longer a friend, but a predator to him if you have scared him, hurt him or made him feel uneasy. Seriously, based on your post a new home would be ideal for him.
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Originally Posted by hissy View Post
Seriously, based on your post a new home would be ideal for him.
Sorry, but I agree with that too.

I hate to hear that a cat has been beaten for what comes naturally to it. Teaching a cat requires lots of time and patience and love, not spray bottles and slaps.

A cat is like a small child and needs positive reinforcement. They will test limits to see what they can get away with, even when they know that they shouldn't be doing something. I frequently catch my cats doing no-no things, while watching me watch them. They know better and now all I have to say is "nooooo!" and they stop.

I agree that your cat is probably reacting hostile to you because you have shown yourselves to be its enemy by being mean to it.

Please, find the little boy a new home.
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If you are trying to train your cats with abusive methods then you need to rehome him. Being abused is no way for the poor cat to live especially when he is doing typical animal type ofthings. There always is a reason for what the cat is doing, sometimes it is just really difficult to figure it out. The cat doesn't deserve to be abused, cats will never learn from their abusers. Have you contacted a behaviorist since you said you tried everything?

I am worried for your future children if you openly admit to abusing your pets...
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wgcollins, many people on this board think that using a spray bottle IS an abusive method, so since you've admitted that, we are imagining you hitting or kicking your cat. The fact that a vet has suggested you re-home the cat is also scary to read. We don't know what methods you think are abusive that you have done. For all I know, you just screamed "no" instead of saying it in a calm and firm voice.

If you do keep the cat, I do have some advice for you.

1) Train the cat to stay out of the baby's room. I assume you are going to start out with the crib in your bedroom, so start keeping the cat out of the bedroom now. If the crib is going to go somewhere else, in the short or long term, close that room off now, too. If the cat whines, too bad. Ignore the cat. I think I've seen suggestions here for products that are mats that protect carpet under doors from clawing cats trying to get in. Maybe another poster can help with that.

2) Get rid of absolutely everything the cat could chew on. When your baby starts crawling around, he or she will be at risk of chewing just about everything your cat gets at. Instead of getting mad at the cat, be thankful that he is telling you what to get rid of. If the cat can get it, you've got to find a safer place for it. Kitchen cabinet child locks, for instance, are a must.
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