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teacup kittens

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does anyone have any information on a teacup kitten, specifically the teacup himalayan? if so please respond.i have just discovered them, but cannot find ANY breeders.
any info will be greatly appreciated.
thank you
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Wantacat, I moved this thread here, cuz I thought you might get more of a response...
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the teacups, specificaly himalyans and persians, are, for the moment, an experimental breed. This means that while they are being produced, it is unlikely that you are going to find an "active" breeder. I mean that since it is an experimental breed they are not going to be advertised as would any other recognized breed. I was however able to find THIS site that would interest you.
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i want to thank you so much for that site it was great! how ever did you find it. i called him and he is not breeding right now. so i am writing you back, to you have any other tricks up your sleeve?
in other words, are there any other breeders out there, or any ideas on where i should look?
thanks again for all your help
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Well, unfortunatley as far as Ive been able to find, there is only one other breeder in Russia that even mentions teacups, and that was way back in a pedigree... Perhaps you should give the first one a call back and see if they know of any other breeders... that's prolly your best bet.
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