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cat page

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Hey folks, my two kittyboys have themselves a catpage. Drop by if you please since they're VERY proud of it. The addy is
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Absolutely adorable...
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They are both adorable. Tuxedo is actually a common name but yours is better. In the world of cat shows, they would be black and white bi-colors.
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I agree...absolutely adorable!!
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What sweet boys! and I love their names!!!
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Tac and Tic are adorable! You did a fine job building a web site for them.

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Toooo cute! I love your house too! (Boy I miss snow!)
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Deb...I would be more than happy to send you every inch of snow I get!!!! BURRRRRRRRRRR
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Awwwwwww Kittyfoot! How cute!!!!!!!! I love your website, you have done such a nice job with it!
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How cute! You can keep the snow, though. We get just enough here in North Carolina.
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