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How to Get Wild Kitty Litter box trained?

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Hi Everyone!

I'm writing on behalf of my roommate's daughter who lives in California. I'm in Kansas so this is kinda being done long distance. LOL

She has a a little kitten about 8-10 weeks old that has been an outside kitten and the Mama was killed by a car. The daughter brought the kitten inside, where she already has some full grown cats and the kitten is eating and drinking but seems to be afraid of a litter box. They got a litter box just for the baby and no one else and have tried putting her in it and she flies right out of it as soon as they turn loose of her. She was on the wild side to begin with anyway since she and her Mama were wild.

Her question is how to get the baby used to a litter box? The other cats in the house seem to pay no mind to the new addition and are not giving the baby any kind of trouble. They are at the age where they basically sleep and eat.

Any help or advice that I can relay to her would be greatly appreciated as she really wants to get this little one tamed down and house trained. Right now, when it looks like the kitten is looking for a spot to potty in, they just take it outside and it does it's business and then they bring it back in.

Thanks so much!
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The other cats will show the kitten what to do. We are sometimes a poor substitute for mom cat
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Let me tell you a little story...

My uncle has had barn cats for years. He is an old farmer and never spayed or neuters and drowns the kittens when they are born minus a few who get to grow up if they make it ( I know I don't like it and I am trying to help him out).

Point is they are generation after generation of wild inbred barn cat.

In the past few months, I have taken in 3 of them. An abandoned 3 week old and 2 little 9 week olds.

I put them in a large crate or the bathroom, put a litter box down put them in it and they took off. I was sad, I wanted them to become indoor cats. I thought they would never be able to be litter trained.

I left the room, left them with food and water and the litterbox. Came back a litle later when they had time to calm down and they ate the food, knocked over the water and peed and pooed in the litterbox.

They never went outside the box after that.

Moral of the story is, just keep them in a small area with everything they need and give them some time. They will learn. Plus if you have other resident cats, they will teach the new ones.
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Jens tip of the small room / big crate is the classical learning in those cases.

Another tip is no perfumed litter. Use classical cat sand /cat clay sand.

You may try with some earth or common sand as she IS used to in in the beginning...

Good she has own litter if she wants. It is not unusual other cats bullies by denying / make difficult with the litter. This is not the case here - but it happens - good to know if others with similiar problems read this thread.
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