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is it really bad food

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ok i am just curious is Iams really bad my cat loves it and so do her kittens i feel like i am giving them bad food when i though it was good also she lives fancy feast is that bad too
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Basically Iams is a mediocre food. It's not 9 lives dry or crap like that, but it doesn't live up to the standards of so many betteer, healthier foods. Nutro and Chicken Soup are comparable prices and a lot better quality. There are more. I personally don't use food with by-products and try to get the first 2-3 ingredients meat. Also foods with out a lot of corn.

Iams was also having a bad effect on my Himalayan and it was messing up his kidneys. I avoid it.
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des....i told u wellness! well go together and ill show ya lol
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i know it is very expensive they dont really like the eukanuba i think i nite try nutro my boston terrier we had was on that and did very well
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I agree with Jen
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The corn products in Iams made my cat very ill. She did much better 'off' it.
I can highly recommend CAlifornia Natural. It has very few ingredients, they do not include corn or wheat products, and the food is very palatable. Chicken and Rice made my cat's fur soft as mink.
I have just given her a bit of the new Herring and Sweet Potato mix and she loved that too.
It's also moderately priced. Always remember too that a higher quality food will be cheaper than the 'cheap' stuff since the cat will eat less (there is less filler and more nutrition in the good stuff)
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