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And the rains came

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Last night, we finally got some significant rain. The sky turned black, the lightning flashed, thunder boomed and the wind blew.

On the 5:00 p.m. news, severe thunderstorm warnings were annnounced. I was at work, when it hit. The lights flickered a few times but, the power stayed on (drat). All of the power outages were south of us.

It was raining, when I got off, about 9:30. It has cooled things off, considerably but the 56% humidity has Bill breathing hard. He's having to use his rescue inhaler, on a daily basis.

The cats and Ike love it, though. The rain brings out more bugs to chase and eat. Since Ike gets to go outside, he gets more than the cats do.

This weather will go on, for a month or so and then, we'll be back to hot and dry, until the cold weather starts, near the end of October.

I am so glad, that the rains started. Even though I am a desert rat, the cooler days are welcome.
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We got rain, too......... It started about 6:00 or so, and man, was it blowing hard!!! Then, I could hear rain every once in a while hitting the skylight....... About 9:00p or so, is when it really started to rain & thunder! Gizmo got a bit scared, I think..... Now, today, it is hot & muggy I dont mind when it rains, though.....
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Yeah, Tigger, I heard about your storm. Sounds like there was a lot of damage, up there.

Bill's sister lives in Mesa. I guess they're OK. We would have heard, otherwise.
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My parents and brother/his wife live in Phoenix, and they were VERY happy to have gotten some rain. My mom was amazed...it even hailed!

I know you needed moisture there...

Take Care,
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Hubby came home during his lunch hour last night & he said Dobson/Elliot was blocked off... he later found out that a big, big tree had been knocked over! He said the roots were absolutely huge! Wonde when the next one is going to be?
Course when it rains, all the bugs come out Scooter & Tigger are bug hunting right now in the house:tounge2:
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I wish we would get some rain. We have had about 6 mm in about 4 wks and all of the grass is dying. Of course I only want it to rain at night and not when I have to be out and about!

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Got an e-mail, from Bill's sister. All they got, at her house, was BIG dust storm.
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Where I live, 56% hardly qualifies as humidity. It can get up over 80% humidity here, and with high temps, it's the pits. Luckily, we seem to be fairly dry lately. We could use some rain, though. Our water restrictions have been lifted, but we're still below normal in rainfall amounts.
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