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Persian cat spills red wine on Persian carpet!

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My Persian wife and I had some red wine in the living room that has a Persian carpet. My wife sternly advised me to not have a glass of wine any where that Persi could knock it off and of course I said I am right here, what could possibly happen? From out of nowhere, Persi knocked the glass over and now I know this has happened to many of you good folks, how can I get the stain out of the carpet? The Persian carpet, by the way, is right below the shredded curtains. Sometimes I just wish that cats would have done a better job of domesticating us humans!
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Is it a real, nice, muy caro Persian rug? If so, I wouldn't want to use any household products on it... And probably get it scotchguarded before it can get any more stained.

There are tons of things you can do to regular old carpet though. Shout, Resolve, OxyClean... (right, I didn't mean to use these!)

Did you blot it up and lay down a paper towel, or did you try to scrub at it?

I found this site about Oriental carpets, different I know but similar dyes and fabrics: http://chinese-school.netfirms.com/r...nd-carpet.html (scroll down a ways)
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I'd say anything stronger than Woolite or maybe some club soda might do some damage. Can you re-arrange the rug so that the stain is under a chair or a table? That's my old trick!
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It is muy caro, and we think that what red residue remains sort of blends in with the overall design and is not that noticable, but we would still like to find somthing that will get the final remains out. Now that I dwell on this, I realize how stupid it was of me to have a glass of red wine on a coffee table over a Persian rug with a Persian kitten that could strike from out of nowhere. This will never happen again.
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I'm sorry to hear what happened. I personally don't own a persian rug, so i'm not sure how to clean red wine off of one. I do know the fibers are different than normal carpet- so i wouldn't suggest using shout or resolve or anything like that on it. I googled a few websites for you...hopefully one of these will help Good luck!

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If you have the money, hire a professional persian/oriental rug cleaner. If they mess it up, which they almost definitely won't, they'll owe you a new one.

I would try a wet toothbrush first. Just water, and barely damp, and scrub it just a tiny bit. Be careful though, anything you try even water should def. be spot tested first.

And meh, what's the point of having furniture that you can't live around. Maybe this is the result of the absolute most expensive thing in my apt being 400$, but if you can't sit on it/drink wine around it/live in the same room, why buy it, you know? Accidents happen! I know it seems disatstrous now, but from what you describe nobody else would even notice!
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