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The "USE IT UP" challenge

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I saw this thread on a moneysaving forum I visit, and I thought this would be fun for the cat forum, especially since summer is always a financially stressed time for most people.

The challenge consists of "shopping" at home and finding any samples, etc in the crevices of your home and use it up. The challenge also consists of using up anything that you have saved for a special occasion.

Saving anything for any occasion is kinda of a stupid idea. I always forget that I saved something for a special occasion. When the occasion finally arrives (a fancy dinner, for example) I either forget I have something already, or the something has spoiled, or that the occasion is so special that I want to go shopping for it in the first place.

By the time that the "special occasion" stuff and the forgotten stuff is used up, then you have completed the challenge
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I save plenty of stuff for special occasions for good reasons... and to be honest I don't think its a stupid idea, its no different than saving money for an emergency.

I have mini bags of the kitties food just in case we don't get to the store in time or they have sold out so they have food for a few nights - if I used them up and made the kitties have something else they wouldn't be happy... and saving stuff that spoils, I just don't do

and I thought this would be fun for the cat forum, especially since summer is always a financially stressed time for most people.
oh and this is thecatsite (you have to think of editing if you are going to cut and paste from one to the other)
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OOPS, I meant the cat forums....not the cat forum.
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I think I know what you mean. My Mom used to save sample bottles of shampoo, lotion, etc. She had so many! I mean a few in case of a trip is handy, but cupboards full?

I don't save a lot of samples. I do save my china for "fancy" meals...they haven't been out of the cupboard in so long that I would have to run them through the dishwasher first!

I would love a link to the money saving forum...although dh has an interview tomorrow, we are still needing to cut back more than we have been!
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Yeah, I'm afraid I'm guilty of saving stuff for a special occasion. I just can seem to convince myself that it's ok to use it up already ( nice bottle of wine, expensive moisterizer, whatever).
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Expensive moisturizer starts to degrade the second you open it.
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Oooh I have lots of stuff I could use up- mostly fabric scraps and arts & crafts things- and lots of projects I've had in mind!

Now if only I could find the time to do it between working on the house and unpacking I MISS my arts and crafts!
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It's funny there would be a thread like this. I read something recently about asving stuff for special occasions, and the gist of it was every day should be special. Burn that good candle, drink that bottle of wine with someone you care about, use that lovely perfume because it makes you feel special. I took it to heart, and it has been fun.
The money saving and decluttering has been a good aspect of it, too. I finally used the last inch of shampoo and conditioner in all those bottles, I am using up all those sample size tubes of lotion that I seem to have dozens of, and all kinds of things like that. After that kind of stuff is done, I will move on to getting rid of or using up something else. Maybe I will make Christmas presents out of all the craft and jewelry making stuff I have put away.
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The Wall Street Journal has a wine column and they have an Annual open that bottle night in November. People will write in to tell what they drank and what they served with it. I had a bottle of Cabernet from the late 80's that I opened last yr for our 20th anniversary-it was a bit past its prime but was ok in my red wine beef stew!!
A couple of yrs ago I made a new yrs resolution not to by any lotions until I had most of my stuff used up-its worked pretty well. I also said that I have too much stuff esp little doodads around the house so If I am buying something decorative I would rather save and buy a cool more expensive item than a few junky things.
And as fall nears I'm in my going to goodwill/freecycle it/or throw it out mode!!
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I have been trying to use up my excess lotion, bath bubbles, body wash etc for 2 years now. People just keep giving me more.
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