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You have to wait 8 more days???????????????
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
You have to wait 8 more days???????????????
Yuppers - talk about the power of positive thinking:

I decided several months ago that I wanted to find an orange baby boy for Ginger. I have a very busy schedule during the summer motorcycle riding season as I am a volunteer fundraiser/organizer and attend many meetings and events, so I knew I had to pick a weekend that I'd be home for several days in a row.

I chose Labor Day weekend, and put in for that Friday off more than 2 months ago, so that I would have a 4-day weekend to spend introducing the kitties and having quiet time at home with them before things get hectic for me again moving later into September.

I chose Thursday night the 31st as the night I would bring home my kitten - and then started putting out the vibes to find an orange boy I could take home that very evening! (I had visions of me at the shelter, demanding that they find me an orange boy kitten NOW because I have a schedule to keep, darn it! LOL!!!)

I even wrote in my calendar for the 31st of August: GET A KITTEN!

After talking with Ferris' foster mom yesterday, I asked her if Thursday the 31st was a good night for her to meet up and could I take him home that evening, and she said absolutely. So when I went back to my calendar, I crossed out "A KITTEN" and wrote in: "FERRIS!"

I'm telling you, positive thinking works wonders - and that combined with TCS vibes is POWERFUL!!!! I've found exactly the orange boy I want, and I'm taking him home on the exact night I've planned for for the last couple of months!

Spooky, huh?
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Spooky yes!!! I'm so happy for you!!! If Ferris is anything like my Tiggy, your gonna have a big lovebug on your hand!!!

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I don't think it's spooky at all...just meant to be.

And OMG I laughed so hard at the image of Ginger yelling at her Beanie to play with her! That's so cute!!!
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I'm so excited!!!

Tonight I'm picking up Ferris from his foster home - I just can't wait to meet him!!! I have everything all set at home, I've bought a small bag of Purina Kitten Chow (ugh) which is what he's been eating, and have gotten a bag of Nutro to start mixing with it after a couple of days so I can get him on a better quality dry. Not sure what he'll eat for wet, but I've got a shelf full of Nutro kitten pouches, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll eat them!

I've been talking to Ginger about it, and Ive showed her his picture. She's been acting quite disinterested, LOL,but I'm sure she'll change her mind when I get home tonight!

She's been VERY cuddly since I brought her home the new condo on Friday, and I'm assuming that won't last once the new guy is in the house. I'm fully expecting her to be ticked off at me, and I know that won't last either. If she lets me, I'm planning to give her some extra special Ginger time over the next few days so that she doesn't feel replaced in her status as the baby kitty of the house.

I have a new carrier just for Ferris, and tomorrow I'll be taking them both to the vet in their carriers. Ginger is getting her 1 year rabies shot, and Ferris will be checked out for neutering. I'll have his next appointment lined up before we leave! Hopefully, they can get him done within the next couple of weeks. The sooner the better, as far as I'm concerned.

He was caught at 2 months old, so his feral momcat has taught him lots of stuff. I'm hoping regular spray marking isn't one of those things!!!

Oh boy oh boy, I can't wait for the day to go by! I'm so excited, so the day will probably crawl...but that's ok because I have a 4 day weekend in front of me and a precious little furboy to bring home with me tonight!!!

Thanks again for all of you who sent good vibes my way - I appreciate your energy and your thoughts so much!!!! I'll get pics of Ginger and Ferris meeting and getting to know each other and post them as soon as I can!
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I'm almost as excited as you are! Can't wait for the pics!
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YAY I can't wait to see pics and to hear how they get along!!!
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