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Magnesuim numbers on the can/bag.

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Can someone please list the recommended magnesium numbers that should appear on the food for the best urinary tract health of a FUS prone cat.

My purina one for sensitive stomach(dry) reads .025, and my science diet and
trader joes (both wet)
read .021. Are these levels to high? He prefers the dry and I push the wet, so his diet is probably 4 ounces of wet and maybe a half a cup of dry. He is a little chubby(14lbs.) and likes water. I can't afford to feed all wet at 50 cents a can and three cats, well not without overextending the budget, but I know a bout of cystitis can put me back 95 bucks. I am also giving a cranberry urine acidifier. I will search for lower levels of magnesium foods if these are too high. It is just they are good food at a price I can afford. Triumph and all those really expensive foods are out of the question for us.

thank you.

PS please tell me what the numbers should literally be on the food, I won't know what to look for if you say something like it shouldn't be higher than 6%. I am mathmatically challenged.
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Best to talk with your vet ... but for wet food UTi health papers and books usually want .022% or less magnesium

That dry number seems like a misprint... as drys I like under.085 others allow up to .090
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Here's a previous thread where this was discussed.
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Thanks for that previous thread, I opened the recommended link and my head started to swim from too much information.

Is phosphorous the magnesium equivalent in wet food, but in dry food? I didn't get the numbers right, the dry food has phosophorous 0.9%. Is that ok? magnesium is not listed on the analysis on the dry. I think I am understanding that wet should be .022 on wet and .09 on dry. Is that what I should look for?
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Yup your on the right track now
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