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Meow Mix pouches??

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I thought I saw a post awhile back about the Meow Mix pouches being a "good" food to give cats on the less expensive side. I am having problems finding the post through searches though. I get confused with food and what is good!

I currently feed Nutro Wet but it is twice the price. and my cats seem to love LOVE it.

the beginning Ingrediants are as follows: then there are a whole bunch of stuff I can not pronounce!

Tuna, Fish Broth, Chicken, Chicken Liver, Giblets (Poultry Liver and Heart), Wheat Gluten, Dried Egg, Food Starch Modified, Natural Flavor, Cane Sugar

Do you guys use this? I also feed Nutro Natural Choice/Iams hairball mix dry food.

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My boys get Meow Mix pouches, and they love them!

I know a few members on this site also feed them. Their wet food is better than their dry. You will just have to watch out, as their main ingredient is fish - even in their chicken pouches. Beware, if your cat may have a fish allergy

Someone more knowledgable should be along shortly to help!
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I am currently feeding the little cups of Meow Mix. I absolutely hate that they have chemical preservatives in them, and the amount of fish in every single flavor is unnerving. The beef, chicken, and turkey all have tuna as the first ingredient. Blech. As Baby Harley said, although it's the same with the cups too.

Zissou and I are having some food issues.

But Meow Mix is a better decent/mid-quality food.
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BTW I LOVE your siggy...it is so cute!
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Nutro is WAY better than Meow Mix, so if you can afford it and your kitties love it, then please don't switch!

Ginger ate Nutro kitten pouches until about 10 months old, then she turned up her nose. I went through about 40 different flavors and tons of $$ trying to find an alternative that she'd actually eat, and Meow Mix is what she chose.

If she ate the Nutro, that's what I'd be feeding her. Ahhhh picky felines, gotta love 'em!!!
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I was feeding the Meow Mix, but I am trying to find a higher quality wet to feed, I thought i had found a winner in the Innova, but now they don't seem very interested the babies, Nike and Eros, eat whatever I put in front of them, but the rest of the crew don't seem to like the pate style and that's all the higher-quality wet seems to be available in! I have tried every flavor of Wellness, plain chicken and the chicken and herring were the most popular, and the Cali Natural Chicken and Rice, which they REALLY were not impressed by I have a few more options: Chicken Soup wet, they currently get the dry, Felidae and Eagle Pack, but i can't seem to find the big cans in any of those and with 9 hungry tummies, I need the big can which is also why I don't feed the Nutro pouches, not very cost effective there's one more feed store in my area so I may have to stop in there.... silly kitties! don't they know meowmy is trying to feed them the good stuff!!?? why so they have to be so difficult
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i'd prefer some other ingredients, but... anyway, i mix mine with the chicken soup wet - which also has fish, but not as the primary ingredient. i'd feed straight chicken soup, but it gives Cable the runs, as does every high quality wet i've tried. so i cut the high quality w/a lower quality & that seems to do the trick for her. i've tried slowly cutting back on the meow mix quantities, thinking i can slowly get her used to the high stuff, but no - doesn't work!
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Meow mix wet food is decent /good quality... It is very good to mix it with something non fish...
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