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Does Layla sense me going back to school?

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I think Layla senses that Im going back to school next wk.
You see, before a couple days ago Layla was real homebody.
She lazed about and slept all day long. I was almost a lil concerned with her lazy behaviour since she's only1. I even changed her food to a lighter brand so she could maintain her weight better since she wasn't as active as she used to be. Then recently I noticed that Layla was picking up some of her old habits. Zipping around the house like something was after her, generally being more active, going behind the t.v , and even being a lil moody. I've started playing w/her more and thought maybe the food is giving her more energy.
But then my mom said she senses you going back to school. So I tried to cuddle and coo her and reasure her that Im gonna still be around and even when Im gone during the day, my dad will be there to keep her company. That too is getting harder to do since she don't like me to hold her as much. My dad thinks Im being silly and that she, just like human beings, have moody days.
But Im still worried. I don't want her to be angry and start becoming destructive! Layla has always seemed like the type of cat who adjusted well to change. Also sometimes she just suddenly stops being "Wild Layla" and starts meowing at me and being affectionate and then a few mins later, she take off again! I miss my lazy Layla!
Is she really just upset about not seeing me all day long? But I wasn't always home all day during the summer. And now Im paranoid that she might be in heat! After reading that post about the women whose cat ended up pregnant though she was supposed to be spayed! My Layla had papers saying she was already spayed!
Im proboally just blowin this out of porportions but Im hurt at Layla's moodiness and even though she's still relatively the same in other aspects, she's still making me sad.
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Oh no.

I think the most probably reason for Layla's behavior is the weather, honestly. It's nearing fall.

Also, she may sense you going back to school, or if you are stressed out about it she might sense change or stress in the household.

What are you upset about? That she doesn't want to held? She's growing up, she'll come to you for some lovin', but she might not want to be carried around or snuggled anymore. It is upsetting, but, hey, that's what cats do, right?
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Well I have had some stuff on my mind so she proboaly sensed that.
Hmm, the seasons could be it too. However its been gettin way hot in
H-town so that could also be it.
Anyways, thanks Z, it is time I start lettin my lil girl grow up. She is in the "teenage stage" after all .
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