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Neutering questions

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Hi how far in advance to I have to book an appointment for this on average ?
And how can I prepare my baby for the horror thats about to befall him
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Honestly, I called when Chay started getting really moody and I couldn't take it anymore, and they got him in within the next few days. I don't think you need a whole lot of prep other than mandatory fasting the night before surgery, my boy was in and out in a few hours, and didn't know a thing had happened to him other than a little licking around the area. He's so much less moody and so much more of a cuddlebug, not to mention no spraying or male smells.
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1) Depends on your vet- a couple of days for most.
2) Your cat takes his clues from you- if you are fearful and think of it as a "horror" he may indeed feel stresed. If you act like it is business as usual he won't even miss a step. Relax, and do not communicate stress.
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Ok thankyou guys
and i will try to keep relaxed but well...its my baby !
I will do my best though definately *nods*
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Neutering, compared to other surgeries, is fairly non-intrusive and pretty easy, so your boy should come out just fine. If your vet offers it and you can afford it, I would do the pre-surgery blood panel, just to assure yourself that all of his organs seem to be working properly so that possible (rare) problems with anesthesia can be more easily avoided. Its not necessary, but one of those nice things to do just to eliminate the what ifs that I hate so much.

I also forked over the extra money for them to put a line in Chay so that any potential problems could be easily and immediately treated, since I knew that some Birmans were sensitive to certain anesthesias. Talk to your vet beforehand too, about the procedure and the anesthesia used, just to reassure yourself. Most vets, or at least the techs who are also usually pretty knowledgeable, are glad to talk to you to answer any questions you might have. But I think its normal to be a little nervous - we've all put our babies through this too, so we know exactly how you feel!
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Mosi was bouncing around as though nothing had happened from the minute I brought him home from the vets. Your boy will be fine
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Ok guys I phoned up this morning, (hate using the phone)
Hes going on friday and I am having him microchipped while hes asleep because my vet said it would be kinder as the needle is rather awful looking (how sweet of them)

so yes hes going in for the full works....my poor bank balance !
But I did swear when I got him I would be responsable at least he will be allowed to play out now without his harness!

That will be my next worry !

My mothers right he is my baby substitute
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