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Radio question for the day: 08/21/06

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Do you try to color match things in your life........ex: pillows and sofa, curtains and bedspread, bras and panties, dishes and glasses....?
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My living room has to match - everything HAS to flow.... I may sound like a nut, but I hate mis matched things

When I moved into our apartment, everyone was just going to give me 'hand me downs' for furniature, decorations, everything. I was SO mad, I was greatful, but I wanted everything to match, everything to have its order. So I saved up and was able to buy everything to match

Also, when I was younger, my sheets and bedspread had to match, I could not sleep in a bed that was mis matched.

Really, I'm not that weird
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I would say for the most part yes...excpet for the bra & panties...those are always mixed matched
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Really, I'm not that weird

Yes you are but we love you anyways!
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Guilty as charged. I have sheets that match my bed spread, ect.... if it doesn't match, then I get uncomfortable.
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Not really right now. I mean eventually yes. But its going to take time to make my house match. I am working on the spare bed and bath. I am going to paint the bathroom lavendar to match the comforter and I am still looking for the perfect curtains. Bra and panties never match for me. Ever.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Yes you are but we love you anyways!
Thanks Susie
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Most of my things match, or at least will match when I get things going with my new place. I think I watch too many designer shows - I want everything to look good! But I don't bother with the bras and panties matching, no one looks there anyways!
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I definetely have to have things match although not the bra & undies! Unfortunately for me, our new house has maroon carpet, brown & yellow (early 70's) bathroom floor & counter (goes VERY nicely with my sea foam green bathroom accessories!), ugly brick looking linoleum kitchen floor, and red countertops! IT'S A COLOR DISASTER! *Sigh* At least my things coordinate decently with Chad's but just not the house!
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I wish! I would have to say no to everything. I try but I change what I like so often that it ends up being a hodge podge of colors.
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nope..not at all.
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I don't know that everything matches but it definitely coordinates. There will always be one item in the room that all the colors used are pulled from. In my bedroom its the quilt. In the living room its our area rug. In our bathroom its the shower curtain. And in the kitchen its the countertop tiles. I try not to be obsessive about it.

Panties and underwear rarely match. My best friend however HAS to have them match each other, and THEN they have to coordinate with her clothes. She keeps spare underwear and bras in her car in basic colors in case she has to change shirts! It's one of the many quirky reasons I love her though.
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hmmm. match? no. Be in the same general color scheme? yes. however, I'm a full time college student and my BF just got a job after a few months of unemployment, and this is our first apartment together, so I'm not in a place to be picky.
luckily a friend of mine let me know that her father had a colormatched loveseat and swivel armchair/ottoman set in practically new condition that I could have for FREE. so our living room looks pretty nice however we're both very ecclectic people so the decorations DO NOT match and probably never will.
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Yes, we share a tiny one-bedroom apartment with dark brown walls (UGH!!!) and tiny windows (another UGH!!!), so we usually try to paint things white to maximize the place and minimize the costs of lighting.
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In my home and if it's visible on my body yes. My hair elastics usually match my outfit, but if no one but me sees it (ie bra and panties) who cares!?! I don't anyway.

Anyone see the episode of that TLC show where the chef guy suprises people in the grocery store then cooks them dinner, where the girl wanted to match dinner to her outfit which also matched her place settings!?!
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