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I have adopted a stray calico cat and have named her Mattie. She has been at my house three weeks tomorrow. I took her to the vet two weeks ago for shots and checkup. The vet clipped the hairs on her belly and found what he is reasonably sure is a spay scar. She had a runny left eye. The discharge is clear. Both eyes are pink looking around the edges and the clear stuff crusts over in the corners of her eye and turns brownish. My vet says it is most likely the herpes. He has treated her with two different eye ointments called Erthromycin and vetropolycin. None of it has stopped the discharge. She is living by herself in a cage on my front porch. I have two outside cats that are confined within a chain link fence with a cat enclosure attached to the top of the fence. My vet says best not to introduce them yet. He wants Mattie's eyes to clear up. I called this am and he told me since she has been treated with the ointment for two weeks to just stop it and see how she does and call him Wednesday. He is thinking she may be having a reaction to the lates medicine, Erthromycin. Does anyone out there have any experience with this problem and if so, any suggestions for me. I am so anxious to put her cat cage on my back porch and let my other two cats get used to her while she is in the cage, but I don't want three cats with runny eyes. Mattie doesn't have any other symtoms sneezing, congestion, nose running, etc, nothing just the eyes. I welcome any thoughts or ideas concerning what I need to do next.