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Bald spots on cat- HELP!

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Over the course of the past year my cat has developed 3 bald spots- one on his back, one on his neck and one on his inner leg. They start as a crusty, raw looking patch then end up totally smooth and bald. They are oval in shape and roughly the size of a quarter. There has been no regrowth in a year. He does not excessively groom these areas and they do not seem to itch or bother him in any way.

The 1st vet said it was probably a reaction to a traumatic situation, like being neutered and gave him a cortisone shot.

The 2nd vet said it may have been a trauma but not to worry (at that time there was only 1 bald spot)

The 3rd vet said she didn't know what it was and did a ringworm culture- we are still waiting on the results. She also suggested we do a biopsy which I am holding off on because of the huge cost.

My questions...

Has anyone heard of a traumatic experience causing hair to fall out and not grow back?

Do I risk taking him in for a biopsy if this might be another traumatic incident and another bald patch?

Anyone have experience with Alopecia?

Thanks in advance for your insight and suggestions,

Worried mama:
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Ringworm possibly...but usually once a cat is recovered the patch will grow new fur without a problem. Though considering the alternatives I'd almost hope its ringworm since its easily treated.

Did the vet mention skin cancer at all? I would hope its not that, and honestly don't know much about it other than it can be seen as skin lesions that don't heal.
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Just got a call from the vet- it's not ringworm.
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What is the vet suspecting? Are you going to go ahead with a biopsy?
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I think I will have to have the biopsy done. I don't want for him to end up totally bald. Here's my little guy's website...

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i do know of a cat that had aloplecia it starts off as a spot and then the fur falls out it is stress related.
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