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HELLO AND needing little help

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hi everyone
Just call me dee:-)
I have cats lots of them! lol
I have a question maybe one of you could help me with
I have a momma cat she has 2 kitttens they are almost 4 weeks old
my problem is the momma has given them fleas
what is the best thing to do for kittens with fleas?
and is it harmfull to put flea drops on the momma cat while she is still
nursing babys?

I have 3 cats susie adopted her from my grandma when she had to go
in nursing home
then theres bootsie female had her 7yrs found her in our yard one day
she is simese pretty blue eyes:-)
then theres now our momma cat snowball momma to 2 babys
now we had 4 2 died:-(

sorry so long hope you can help:-)
have a good monday
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Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your stay here at the Cat Site!

The best thing for young kittens and fleas is to go get some Dawn dish soap (the regular stuff, definately without the bleach alternative) and a flea comb. You wet the comb in water with Dawn, then run it through their fur to get out the fleas, dip it back in the soapy water to kill the fleas, and repeat. When you're done, give them a good rinse off and dry the babies up so they don't get a cold. I can't remember if you can treat mom and kittens with any chemical flea killers, so I'm going to leave that to someone more knowledgeable, so I'm just going to close by thanking you for taking care of the kitties (we want pictures!!) and I hope that you're going to get poor mommy spayed when the kittens are weaned so that she won't have any more babies. Thank you, I hope that helped!
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dawn! Ok will try this!
thank you for replying:-)
we do plan on finding home for kittens and the momma
because of the 2 we had already
hubby says 2 enough:-) susie is not getting along with the
momma kitty at all and we have had susie 2 yrs now
dont want to get rid of her SHE is sweet cat!:-)

thank you:-)
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Sounds excellent. Glad to be of help! I'm sure someone will be able to answer your question about the flea medication soon, I can only warn you not to use the over the counter stuff in any circumstance, as there have been many reports of kitties getting very sick and dying from them. Good luck, fleas are nasty little buggers!
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If your kittens have fleas they may be anemic. You should take the whole family to the vets so he can take a look. Sometimes, depending on the age of the kitten, the vet has safe flea treatments to give them. But only a vet should decide.

About the above instructions on removing fleas. You do not want to put dawn on the kittens, or get them wet. You need a flea comb, a jar of hot water and dawn detergent. You flea comb the kittens first, then drop the comb into the hot water to stun the fleas. Then take the comb, wipe it down with dry toweling rinse it off, and once it is dry, flea comb the kittens again. Otherwise you are getting your kittens wet and they are so susceptible to chills and colds when they are wet.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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Thanks for correcting me, MA. You always give the best advice!
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