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Weight loss?

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I try to do all this without a doctor (I dislike doctor visits)

Last time I weighed myself, about 2 months ago or so.. I was 92.6lbs. I'm 5'1.. very small.. naturally. I don't know why.

Well.. lately I have been noticing that my jeans are a bit loose, and slide down a bit. If it wasn't for my hip, they probably would slide right off.

The other day I was at the vet with a puppy from the rescue, and in order to get him on the scale, I had to get on it for a sec. so I checked my weight.
I was 86lbs.

I lost 6lbs not on purpose at all, in 2 months?

Now, I feel fine.. a little tired lately.. but thats because of irregular sleeping.

Would stress cause weight loss like that? I have been hectic at the cat rescue.. and we had a thing of feline panleukopenia and that sucked the life right out of me..

I'll go to the drs if I lose more weight.. but right now, I don't think it's a neccesity.
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Stress can cause weight loss and many other things... I would not let this go for too long especially since you didn't try to lose the weight.Take care of yourself.
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I might make an appointment with the dr. (I almost said vet! ) Even for a 5'1 frame that sounds a little too light.
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